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The power is a 2N3055 NPN silicon transistor, low frequency, intended for general purpose applications. Its manufacture was initiated in the late 1960 through the RCA, It was initially used the power transistor process hometaxial, but since the beginning of the decade 1970 It was modified for epitaxial base.

commercially, the 2N3055 was used in linear power supplies, audio amplifiers and low-frequency power converters. One of the 2N3055 limitation is its frequency response that is too low (1 MHz) .


2N3055 specifications

The 2N3055 comes in metallic package TO3, Its complementary pair is the MJ2955 (PNP)


Specifications In this I c P D h fe f T
2N3055 60In 15A 115In 20-70 2,5 MHz

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