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Plane Antenna Calculator online-Terra λ /4 The Onda

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The simplest and most efficient antenna is the antenna ground plane also called the ground plane. The antenna ground plane is formed by a radiating element, where some are captured or radio waves, horizontal conductor and an element called Reflector, flat or nearly flat which serves as part of the antenna, to reflect radio waves from the antenna radiating element. The reflector ground plane element does not necessarily have to be earthed, but most are connected to a grounding, either the equipment or the common.


Currency size of antenna elements of Plan-Land λ /4 The Onda


Frequency in MHz


Size of elements



Tips to build the antenna ground plane

To optimize the antenna in a certain frequency range, you should do the calculations twice, one for the bottom of the strip and to the upper, then, take the average of the two calculations.


F1 = 88 Mhz
F2 = 108 Mhz

F1 = λ/4 = 81 cm
F2 = λ/4 = 66 cm

F1 + F2 / 2 = 73,5 CM

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