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Circuit Ultrasonic Air Humidifier domesticated

The dry weather and low humidity can bring a lot of health problems, besides affecting the respiratory system. Health problems caused by low humidity are many, between them is rhinitis, asthma and bronchitis, a way to mitigate the effects is to drink plenty of water, and humidify the environment.

One way to humidify is spreading wet towels and water containers around the house, another is to have an air humidifier. The air humidifier is an electro-electronic device that keeps the relative humidity of the air inside a high ambient. It is much more effective than any other method, with high humidity, people will feel better and breathe better.

As the Air Humidifier works

Basically the operation is very simple, the humidifier consists of a water reservoir and another system to humidify. In the case of the ultrasonic system, beside the reservoir there is an ultrasound transmitter, one type of metal diaphragm, when attached vibrates at high frequency, breaking water molecules into much smaller parts and a fan disperses the water in mist form in any environment. There are other types of air humidifiers and evaporative, Natural Humidifier, impeller and the spray.

How to Make a Homemade Air Humidifier

I checked on the internet electronics humidifiers that could be built easily. I found several, but I ended up selecting just a simple well and we made sure we could build here in Brazil without any problem.

The circuit presented here is an ultrasonic humidifier air, despite being a simple scheme it is the basis of operation of commercial ultrasonic humidifiers we find in any pharmacy. It uses ultrasound to generate a cloud of moisture. The video shows its operation.

Air Ultrasonic Humidifier circuit

I was really impressed to watch the video, surely soon will ride this humidifier, but let the project. The project is Russian, so for us here in the West we have to make some modifications. The most critical component, but I believe it is not so difficult “Transducer”, the speaker that will make the water vibrate, it is an ultrasonic transducer, see below the photo.

Ultrasonic transducer
ultrasonic transducer – Via

According to the manufacturer it is a transducer ultrasonic atomization is used for ultrasonic atomization. According to the manufacturer it is made from piezoelectric ceramic. I think the piezoelectric transducers common, those sold in “crap” of Free Market should serve. (worth testing)

Ultrasonic humidifier
Ultrasonic air humidifier circuit

The electronic circuit of the ultrasonic air humidifier is simple, it uses only one transistor, Russian marking KT905NM but for us, TIP31 one can use the operation will be the same. R6 is a potentiometer or trimpot, it adjusts the frequency of ultrasound. The feeding can be done by a power supply or battery 12 a 40 Volts.

This humidifier is just an oscillator of high frequency audio, according to the creator 1.6MHz, the project add a PC fan to better disperse the water mist. The TIP31 transistor must have a heat sink.

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