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Know the Best Software for Electronics

Conheça os Melhores Softwares de Eletrônica

Here I gathered some of the best software for electronics related to Cad, Software Projects for PCI ( Printed Circuit Boards), simulator Electronic Circuits and electro electronic design software ( schematics). Some of the software are free electronics, There is also demo version and paid. For those who like electronic, technical, engineers and practitioners in the area, worth downloading the demo versions for free, so it is possible to know the programs.

Know the Best Software for Electronics and functions !

Below the main software electronics, Cad, Projects PCB, simulator Electronic Circuits, software for drawing schematics, etc..

ExpressPCB - Easy to use ExpressPCB software is used for confection of electronic circuit boards, software quickly and with a very intuitive interface and can be downloaded free.

Orcad – OrCAD Solutions , OrCAD PCB Editor - Program for drawing schematics and printed circuit boards ( s/ demo) .

Simtel - Miscellaneous Softwares electronics, as Electrical & Electronic Formulas III, and the ProSchematic , easy to use and inexpensive ( s/ demo) .

Eletronics Worbench – Electronic workbench is an excellent simulation of electronic circuits, Multisim é da National Instruments Electronics Workbench Group, with a version for Students, EWB is Easy to use, one tool for learning circuit theory, about 4.000 components.

EAGLE Version 5.11 Software for circuit simulation and manufacture of printed circuit boards, If you're looking for an easy to use simulator, powerful, accessible, EAGLE is the number one choice! (test version)

Below information, Download web sites and pages.


Versions available
DataSheet Pro – Trial – Analysis / Simulation
CAM350XL – Evaluation – Software Análise, Manufacturing and Documents
BluePrint-PCB – BluePrint PCB Software Demo, Software Análise, Manufacturing and Documents
DataSheet Pro – Verilog VHDL bi-directional translator – Analysis / Simulation
Conformity – Evaluation Copy – Analysis / Simulation
Timer Diagrammer Pro trial version – Analysis / Simulation
VeriLogger Pro – Trial – Analysis / Simulation



Program for drawing schematics and boards

OrCAD FPGA System Planner
OrCAD FPGA Planner Sistema
OrCAD PCB Designer
ActiveParts Portal
OrCAD Signal Explorer
PSpice A/D and Advanced Analysis


Simtel.Net & Digital River

Several programs



Making boards.

Free PCB software very easy to learn and use. Simple for the beginner and efficient for hobbyists and engineers and other professional.


National Instruments Corporation

NI Multisim



Circuit simulator and manufacture of printed circuit boards.

The name EAGLE is an acronym, que significa E asily A pplicable G raphical L ayout E ditor.
This award winning software is easy to use,one solutions for PCB design, including schematic capture, Layout da Placa e autorouter.



Simulator electronic circuits.. Several programs..


Nova Eletrônica - Circuitos e projetos Eletrônicos grátis
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