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LED Lamp now replaces 35 W incandescent

Lâmpada LED

The SMD LED lamp series DEC02SM-B11E26 produces white light (2.500 K a 2.700 K) and can replace an incandescent lamp 35Watts, consuming only 3 In, less than one tenth of the incandescent. LED lamps work I 120 In, um beam provides the 360 ° radial light and 135 ° viewing angle, and is available in matte or milky-white.

A ampola, to produce 174 a 202 lm, depending on the type of lens coverage, has a shelf life of up to 50.000 hours. Furthermore, is resistant to shock and vibration, and is not affected by frequent switching. The lamp does not contain lead or mercury, has a three-year limited warranty, its base price is $ 32.50 .

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