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Mini Generator High Voltage using stack 1,5 Volts – Used Shock

Ever wondered build a high voltage generator powered only by a battery of 1,5 Volts? It is, this circuit described here, removed from site Instructables is able to do this. It generates a voltage of about 450 Volts, enough to give a very nasty shock. Before thinking of doing this project, read our term liability. after all if you die it's your fault! lol I remembered the post on Facebook ” As not make an Electric Guitar! ” .

The most critical component in this circuit is the transformer, it is used in flashes of cameras. This transformer is a ferrite with five pins. The ferrite transformer has to have five pins, if the transformer has 4 or 6 pines, it will not work for this project. But you make an adjustment if you have experience in electronics.

High Voltage Generator


gerador de alta tensão

List of components

Resistor 220 ohm 1/8 Watts
Resistor 100 ohm 1/8 Watts
Capacitor 22NF x 400 or 500 Volts (movie)
Ferrite transformer with five-pin
Diode rectifier 1000 Volts – Almost all types will work
Common NPN transistor – Almost all types will work
LED Vermelho

The LED indicator on this project is very useful. In testing this circuit with a stack of 1,5 Volts generated voltages -400 a -450 volts without any problems. If you want higher voltage and more painful shocks, just increase the input voltage of the circuit.

Table of input voltage and output high voltage

Input 1.5 Volts and output 450 Volts
Input 3 Volts and output 900 Volts
Entrance 4.5 Volts and output 1200 Volts
Entrance 9 Volts and output 2700 Volts (XXX)


Gerador de alta tensão com 1,5v
High voltage generator with 1.5v Photo: http://www.instructables.com/


Beware if you use higher voltage to shock, and may be dangerous, it is easier to burn the transistor. If you use 9 volts, the transistor will not survive more than a few seconds, or can explode immediately! It is recommended that you feed your high voltage circuit with only 1,5 Volts. You must mount the generator in a small plastic box and well insulated.

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