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Circuit Converter RS232 to Arduino

RS232 converter for Arduino

The circuit in this article is a RS232 converter, You can connect with him or her an Arduino chip bootloader to an RS232 port. Here are two versions, one above very simple and functional and the other down a little more sophisticated. The door 232 takes a little more work than USB, but in case of equipment that only ...

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Circuit Inverter Voltage Wave

Circuit Inverter Voltage Wave

  This circuit voltage inverter was designed using common electronic components, it produces a negative voltage from a positive. It is very simple, Its operation is reasonable and can be used in various uses in the electronics has to invertes where the voltages of a wave.  

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1Watt LED circuit em AC

Circuito de de 1Watt LED direto no AC

  O 1W LED circuit for AC uses LED um 1 Watt LED branco tipo Luxeon, a voltage is 3,6 volts and consumes the maximum 350 miliampères. It is important to note that this circuit can generate a lethal shock if handled carelessly. Most of the points are on the network, so care should be taken ...

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Dimmer circuit two positions

Dimmer Circuit

  This super simple dimmer consists of only two components, and can be easily incorporated a switch lamp or a motor. If you do, do not forget to turn off the electric circuit associated fuse box, since the supply voltage is always dangerous! The circuit does not need much explanation, When S1 is closed, the lamp works ...

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DC Converter Circuit – DC 12V to 24V

DC Converter - DC 12V to 24V

  A voltage converter is very useful, if it raises the voltage of 12v to 24v. Can be used to power low power equipment and even a battery charger Notebook. It works with a two-transistor oscillator, type astable which drives a power transistor controlled by a Zener diode. Thus is achieved ...

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Conversor de Tensão DC/DC de 1.5 Volt para 3 Volts

DC-DC 3V to 1.5V

Quando temos que aumentar ou diminuir uma tensão de corrente continua usamos um circuito chamado de conversor DC/DC ( conversor CC/CC ) ou seja um circuito que converte uma tensão de corrente continua X em uma tensão de corrente continua Y. É claro que para reduzir a tensão é fácil, podemos usar um circuito integrado regulador de tensão fixo como os 78xx ou os ...

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Stun Gun – Your Stun Gun Self Defense Electronics

Stun Gun - Your Stun Gun Self Defense Electronics

Ever thought about building your own stun gun ? These weapons are called Stun Gun or stun gun, ela consiste em uma fonte de pequena tensão que é convertida em uma tensão muito mais elevada, capaz de gerar uma sensação desagradável, o choque. Electronic Shock weapon This is done through a transformer pulse ...

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