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Como Construir uma Bateria de Terra

Pilha de terra

Na eletrônica existem muitas coisas curiosas para se aprender, principalmente quando olhamos para os experimentos dos cientistas percursores da eletricidade como Tesla, Edson, Faraday, Bosh, Volta, Ampère, among others. Entre essas curiosidades, está a uma das primeiras baterias de terra que foi construído por Alexander Bain em 1841, a fim de alimentar um motor elétrico. Como já falamos de energia livre de Tesla, ...

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Como fazer Massa Condutiva

Massa condutiva

Este artigo é para ser usado como uma simples experiência ou didático. Eu recebo muitos pedidos para ensinar como fazer tinta condutiva ou cola condutiva, sempre digo que é aconselhável comprar já pronto esses produtos, já conheço o método de fabricação e com certeza se tentarmos fazer em casa o produto não sairia tão bom. É claro que qualquer pessoa ...

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How to Make Your Own Audio Transformer

Home audio transformer

Audio transformers or AF transformers are working at low frequencies that lie between about 20Hz to 20kHz and are basically used in audio amplifier circuits. These transformers were instrumental in the days of vacuum tubes to match the high impedance amplifier outputs with low impedance speakers. But currently the transistor amplifiers do not have the need ...

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How to Make Printed Circuit Board

Paper to make PCB

Not only commercial electronic devices that can be printed circuit boards, the printed circuit boards can be built by anyone at home, provided you have some basic tools and a few products, I think the most common is iron perchlorate, in which we will talk later. The printed circuit board also called PCI or PCB ...

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How to Turn on Power Computer 13.8V for 20A

After removing the inductor and the wires

Another old article worth being bring to the New Electronics. Despite being overtaken, Article still receives a large number of visits, already be far fetched, it should still help many people. Under the full article. Imagine a power station 13.8V/20A for the same price as a source of PC! Perhaps you've talked to ...

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Printed Circuit Board Paper – The Evolution of Paperduino

Paperduino Arduino

We've seen here that the conductive paint can do for electronics, an example is the article How to Make Printed Circuit Flexible home using Conductive Ink. But there are an infinite number of uses for conductive ink, one is repairing trails, flat cable, connectors, defogger glass vehicles, keyboards, etc. National paints have reached the level of imported, ...

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How to Build a Radio Telescope

atom make a radio elescopio

A Simple Radio Telescope, cheap, is ideal for Test, and is not so difficult to be built. The project described here was based on the "Little Bitty Telescope", it is done with a parabolic antenna KU band satellite subscription 18 inch diameter, with LNB and some components. A signal strength meter is Satellite ...

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Diy your Google Glass !

Google glass de Clay Haight

The world is increasingly technological and stay away from technology is to miss the train to the future. An example is the Google Glass, but having one of these could mean shell out $ 1,500.00. This outside, here with taxes can reach 7 mil Reais. But there is a way, you think to make your own Google Glass, a ...

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