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How to Turn on Power Computer 13.8V for 20A

Após retirar o indutor e os fios

Another old article worth being bring to the New Electronics. Despite being overtaken, Article still receives a large number of visits, already be far fetched, it should still help many people. Under the full article. Imagine a power station 13.8V/20A for the same price as a source of PC! Perhaps you've talked to ...

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Programs for Drawing Layout and Electronics Free Online

programa online para fazer esquema

On paper or virtual, um componente eletrônico é representado por um símbolo, e os símbolos são utilizados para a representação gráfica dos circuitos que chamamos de esquema. The diagram or diagram is used to show how the circuits connect with their constituents and are fed by source, its outputs, Tickets, etc. Once I needed a simple scheme ...

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How to make your own RAM with Transistors

Como fazer sua própria memoria RAM com Transistores

Learn how fazer its own RAM using transistors, this memory is capable of storing 3 data bits. For each bit it uses 8 NPN transistors common and 8 resistores, Alem said voices will need uma protoboard , LED and a dip switch. It is clear that Essa RAM with transistors No.'s practice, uses a lot of space, is expensive, ...

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Build Your Own Multitouch Display device

Construa seu próprio Dispositivo de exibição Multitouch

I found a very interesting article that shows how to build your own Multitouch Touchscreen Display device, with FTIR system (Frustrated Total Internal Reflection). In Lowres site has a step-by-step information and tips on building, as well as a list of materials and software configuration. The system is very simple, its electronic part consists of a transmitter and receiver using ...

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Circuit Converter RS232 to Arduino

Conversor RS232 para Arduino

The circuit in this article is a RS232 converter, You can connect with him or her an Arduino chip bootloader to an RS232 port. Here are two versions, one above very simple and functional and the other down a little more sophisticated. The door 232 takes a little more work than USB, but in case of equipment that only ...

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Work directly with Arduino on Android

Desenvolvimento para Arduino direto no Android

Now you can develop for Android using Arduino directly from the application ArduinoDroid, that is free and is now available on Google Play store. The application allows you to develop, compile and make uploads to your Arduino directly from any device with Android OS, OU ruler phones Tablet.  

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Battery Charger using Serial Port PC

Carregador de Bateria usando Porta Serial de PC

This is one of the porters of the series “battery chargers that will never do”. It uses the serial port of a PC to power a battery charger. A serial interface port can not supply enough current to charge batteries more powerful, but low capacity batteries Nickel Cadmium (NiCd), This circuit is more than sufficient. ...

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Circuit Computer Joystick

Circuito de Joystick para Computador

This circuit Joystick computer is very simple and can be used on any PC that has the connection to Joystick. The original circuit uses a 74HC04, but can be replaced by a 4049 modifying the pin voltage, or any multivibrator circuit, to 555 or even two transistors.  

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