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PI Polish – Build your Metal Detector

Detector de Metal PI Polonês

One of the most popular metal detectors is the PI Polish, PI because of metal detection technology is based on pulse inductance or pulse induction . Polish must be the creator of fact be of Poland! Detectors with IP technology has no discrimination of metals, in other words, it detects anything the same way, is ...

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Audio amplifier circuit 100 Watts RMS

Montagem do Amplificador Áudio de 130W

In this article we publish a simple amplifier and all transistor and an output 130 Watts RMS. Many ask how to make a sound amplifier or modules Audio Power Amplifiers, the easiest way is to integrated power circuits as the TDA8920, an Audio Amplifier 100 + 100 Watts, but oddly enough the ...

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How to make a Lantern will Movida Water

Lanterna Movida á Água

This title is well flashy, after all, who does not want a flashlight that uses a different fuel, that does not use battery or batteries, but water, a power source that you can find anywhere and at low cost. Actually this article is a flashlight moved to water, easy construction and low cost. How to make a lantern ...

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Basic Circuit Radio Receiver AM

Circuito Básico de Rádio Receptor AM

What attracted me to it was the RF electronics, and my first mount was a radio receiver AM and the second a micro FM transmitter. Remember that the AM receiver circuit was published in Electronics Know, but unfortunately I do not remember editing, and almost certainly, peel feature of the scheme is ...

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Programs for Drawing Layout and Electronics Free Online

programa online para fazer esquema

On paper or virtual, um componente eletrônico é representado por um símbolo, e os símbolos são utilizados para a representação gráfica dos circuitos que chamamos de esquema. The diagram or diagram is used to show how the circuits connect with their constituents and are fed by source, its outputs, Tickets, etc. Once I needed a simple scheme ...

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How to make home Flexible Printed Circuit using Conductive Ink

Faça Circuito Impresso Flexível usando Tinta Condutiva

The flexible circuits are rapidly growing in popularity due to its multiple applications and ease of positioning in electronic design. Currently we can find the flexible printed circuits in various devices such as mobile phones, TVs, GPS, cameras, etc. The fabrication of a flexible printed circuit is much more expensive than a rigid (PCI), but so homely, We can make our own circuit ...

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Build Your Own Multitouch Display device

Construa seu próprio Dispositivo de exibição Multitouch

I found a very interesting article that shows how to build your own Multitouch Touchscreen Display device, with FTIR system (Frustrated Total Internal Reflection). In Lowres site has a step-by-step information and tips on building, as well as a list of materials and software configuration. The system is very simple, its electronic part consists of a transmitter and receiver using ...

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