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Electrical Resistivity of Chemical Elements,,pt,electrical resistivity,,pt,electrical resistance,,pt,resistivity,,pt,It is simply a specific characteristic of each material that defines how much he opposes the passage of an electric current,,pt

Resistivity of Chemical Elements

A resistividade elétrica, resistência elétrica ou resistividade é simplesmente uma característica específica de cada material que define o quanto ele se opõe à passagem de uma corrente elétrica. Abaixo uma tabela periódica com a resistividade elétrica dos elementos químicos. Resistividade Elétrica dos Elementos Químicos Salvar

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O que são Componentes Passivos

passive components

Os componentes eletrônicos podem ser passivos ou ativos, os componentes passivos são os componentes eletrônicos que não aumentam a intensidade de uma corrente ou tensão de um circuito. Eles são também chamados de componentes básicos. Há quatro grandezas físicas de interesse para a eletrônica que são: voltage, flow, carga e corrente. Duas das grandezas físicas são definidos em termos das outras duas. (Atual é ...

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Online calculator limiting resistor for led

Current limiting resistor

Supply Voltage Volts Reverse Voltage LED Volt Ohm Resistor limiter The online calculator current limiting resistor for LED is simple to use, ela foi criada para LEDs de 20mA ( 3 mm and 5 mm) , for the value of the limiting resistor you need to enter the supply voltage and reverse voltage LED. ...

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Grandesas Elétricas – Volts – Ampere – Ohms e Watts

Symbols AC and DC

I'm starting to write an e-book in which I intend to teach basic electronics who is starting. I'll try to use simple language to try to achieve those users without affinity with the area. It will not be like any electronics course Senai, will not delve, but to give a basic understanding, enabling any user to understand a little electro-electronic, ...

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Online Calculation Code for Resistors Ohms Cores

Ohms calculation for Online Resistors Color Code

This tool we are providing is a calculator that converts the color code for resistors Ohms (AZ), since the colors of the resistor tracks determine the value of its resistance in Ohms. These values ​​have been color-coded, is necessary to know the color code for reading the values ​​of the resistors. The color code ...

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Simple Storage System Resistors

Simple Storage System Resistors

  This is a pretty cool idea and simple to store Resistors orderly. I usually use plastic pots, used in these mayonnaise, but this idea of ​​using Ziploc bags as binder, makes it much easier to find the resistor value and also their storage. The advantage is that you can organize your resistors ...

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How to get a resistor with accuracy 100% Home

How to get a precision resistor 100 percent

  This is one of the items you will say, because I did not think of it before, an easy fast and safe to get a resistor with accuracy 100%. The technique is simple, you just have a resistor slightly below the value that you want to reach, example, a resistor of 9.8k or 9.9k to reach 10K absolute, with ...

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