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Programs Simulators Microcontroller 8051

Emulador de 8051 Micro C 8051

Currently simulators programs are a recepcional tool for all levels of electronics, from beginners to developers. This software can simulate circuits from simple to sophisticated microcontrollers like the Arduino or PIC, with the advantage of not damaging the circuit on error. In this article we'll look at some simulators to the microcontroller 8051. For those not familiar, software ...

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MultiSIM Blue Circuit Simulator and Creator of Free Plates

MultiSIM Blue Simulador de Circuitos e Criador de Placas Gratuito

Ends of the circuit simulator and designer of printed circuit boards MultiSIM Blue which is a free version of the popular simulator being launched MultiSIM. This software is a partnership of Mouser Electronics, and National Instruments, that to be able to provide a free version. MultiSIM Blue is a light version, ideal for those who do not care about the limitations that do not exist ...

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Simulation programs Logic Gates

Programa Simulador de Porta Lógica

As a NAND gate works ? As a flip-flop functions? If you have forgotten or want to learn the workings of digital logic gates and is with the bag full of theoretical books, you think to learn in practice and virtually? Here in this article I will present two software and a website that simulators are virtual gates. They will not only help ...

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Oscilloscope Online – Simulator

simulador de osciloscópio on-line

This is a small simulator oscilloscope, ele usa um equipamento Hameg HM203-6 de 20Mhz e dois canais para exemplificar as funções de um osciloscópio. But what is an oscilloscope? The oscilloscope is an electronic measuring instrument that creates a two-dimensional graph on a screen, one or more potential differences. O eixo horizontal do osciloscópio representa o ...

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Programs for Drawing Layout and Electronics Free Online

programa online para fazer esquema

On paper or virtual, um componente eletrônico é representado por um símbolo, e os símbolos são utilizados para a representação gráfica dos circuitos que chamamos de esquema. The diagram or diagram is used to show how the circuits connect with their constituents and are fed by source, its outputs, Tickets, etc. Once I needed a simple scheme ...

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Electromagnetic Levitation Device


I was looking for something interesting about one of the projects of Tesla when I came across a very cool circuit, which referred to electromagnetic levitation. Levitation always aroused very human curiosity, since it was associated with magic and things beyond. Magicians levitate objects or their Partners, not counting the flying saucers that levitating cows abduziam them. Out ...

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10 Top Trainers Residential Electricity Consumption

Simuladores de Consumo de Energia Elétrica

Much is made in power consumption, especially with the current energy crisis the country is experiencing, but make the calculation of energy consumption of our house is quite complex, especially when you have multiple items and these items have time varied use as showers, lamps, Tvs, computers, etc. But here the arrangement put ten simulators ...

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Design your on-line circuits with this Arduino Simulator

Simulador Arduino ONLINE

Afraid to burn your Arduino projects in their? Then design your online circuits with this Arduino Simulator. Called Circuits 123D, it is a free tool for you to make your electronic projects online, draw on a breadboard, and the application will guide you to make professional printed circuit boards with a very complete layout tools. What ...

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Circuit simulator Robot Voice

Circuito simulador de Voz de Robô

Although not working directly with audio, this is a circuit simulator robot voice, or computer voice. When installed between a microphone and audio amplifier, it produces a very interesting effect, mimicking the voice of a robot. Its operation is simple, an integrated circuit 555 generates a frequency astable ...

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