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Or win!


Mais recente comercial da MTN global que conta a história de um menino que descobre, através da internet que é muito simples e construir um rádio caseiro que permitirá que ele fale com um astronauta no espaço. Ele tenta e falha e tenta novamente, até conseguir.

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Nikola Tesla – O Gênio da Eletricidade

Nikola Tesla

Neste artigo vou publicar um documentário sobre Nikola Tesla, chamado Nikola Tesla, o Gênio da Eletricidade. São dois vídeos e mostram um pouco da genialidade de Tesla. Nikola Tesla, o Gênio da Eletricidade – I Nikola Tesla, o Gênio da Eletricidade – II

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Free Energy Devices False

Nikola Tesla

The Internet is a sea of ​​information and for sure she multiplied my knowledge per thousand. Unfortunately the Internet is not only true information, there are people who disclose many tips, circuits and false information that lead the young astray, especially in the electronics area. A subject that is on record videos fakes and false information in ...

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Isolator Circuit Video

Circuito Isolador de Vídeo

Generally in our residential video devices are all interconnected through cables, with the TV connected to DVD, which is connected to the satellite receiver, that is connected to the cable box and so on for all electronic. It becomes a huge spider web of audio and video cables behind the devices. This often ...

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Build a Simple TV Transmitter

Transmissor de TV

Despite TV broadcasts are already digitally virtually all, the televisions are still able to capture analog signals. For this the computers or TV transmitters videolinks reasons can be used without any problems. When I search for video transmitters circuits usually encounter two types, the super simple and unreliable and difficult to build sophisticated. This ...

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Playing with the Magnetron Microwave

Brincando com o magnetron

First I want to make clear that doing so is VERY dangerous! Do not try this at home, There is risk of electric shock and burns, microwave radiation can be harmful to health and lead to death. This video is made by a Russian, That means he is almost immortal and professional electronics destruction. Read the disclaimers site, or ...

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Gato on TV – Tocom – Plaquinha Magic

TOCOM desbloqueado

This is the first in a series of articles on “Gato on TV“, texts are from another site that I wrote, but that is now off the air. The Brazilian wants to take advantage of everything, this is the maximum that most listened, and here's an article that shows this well. We say that this workaround to get some free stuff ...

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Arduino The Documentary – Video

Arduino O Documentário - Vídeo

  “Arduino The Documentary”, Video in HD 2010 with subtitles in Portuguese, tells a little about the Arduino, um hardware livre. "Arduino - the documentary" was released in January 2011, is the direction of Rodrigo Calvo Eguren and Raúl Díez Alaejos, a video that shows a bit more about the Arduino and its design. Or intuition original ...

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