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What is EMF

EMF significa campo eletromagnético, que são muitas vezes chamados de CEM, as forças elétricas e magnéticas invisíveis. CEM são um tipo de radiação, que tomam a forma de ondas.

Types of Electromagnetic Energy

Natural CEM

The earth produces a electromagnetic field, o corpo humano também o produz, these fields are of extremely low frequencies with known ELF. Really, scientific research has shown that each cell of the body can have its own EMF, helping to regulate the important functions and keep you healthy. This natural EMFs are of low intensity; eg, the healthy human body resonates with the earth's magnetic field around 10 hertz.

EMC artificial

Artificial EMFs are the EMF from human technologies, is a cell phone, hair dryer, computers, etc. These strong electromagnetic fields, as the transmitters and high voltage can disturb the natural energy field of the human body, which may cause a short illness , medium and long term. According to recent research we're being exposed to 100 million times more artificial EMF radiation than our grandparents were exposed in his time, and this exhibition grows every year.

There are two types of electromagnetic fields (EMF), the electric field and a magnetic field.

The electric field

Created by electrical charges, or tension whenever a device is connected (or even off). It can be shielded or blocked by metal castings and other metal barriers, it is measured in hertz units

O magnetic field

Created when electric charges move (electric current), only when the appliance is operating ie when electrical current is flowing. The magnetic field is hard to be shielded, You can penetrate steel, concrete and the human body, for example using x-rays.


Gauss, it is a unit of measurement of the magnetic field intensity, um miligaussmeter, gaussmeter or teslameter is what electromagnetism meter measures,in other words, the strength of magnetic fields. The gaussmeters allow the measurement of the magnetic flux density that passes through a cross section outdoors. The units can be Gaussian (G) ou miliGauss (mG), which is a Gauss-thousandth.

The electromagnetic spectrum

Espectro Eletromagnético
Electromagnetic Spectrum - Villate, Jaime E. Faculty of Engineering - University of Porto

The electromagnetic spectrum (IN) is the scientific name for the types of photon radiation. Electromagnetic radiation consists of photons (light particles) traveling in a wavy pattern at the speed of light. The amount of energy found in these photons form the various types of electromagnetic radiation in the spectrum expressed in terms of energy, frequency or wavelength.

The frequency is measured in cycles per second (what is called an Hertz), wavelength is measured in meters and the energy is measured in electron volts. The strength of an EMF depends on its wavelength and frequency. A greater number of waves with wavelengths shorter create more power as the spectrum climbed.

Watch a Um circuit EMF meter

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