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Oscilloscope Online – Simulator

This is a small simulator oscilloscope, it uses equipment Hameg HM203-6 and two 20Mhz channels to illustrate the functions of an oscilloscope. But what is an oscilloscope? The oscilloscope is an electronic measuring instrument that creates a two-dimensional graph on a screen, one or more potential differences. The shaft horizontal oscilloscope represents time and is controlled in the key TIME/DIV. Now vertical axis shows the voltage and is controlled in the key VOLTS/DIV. The oscilloscope is constituted by a light spot which periodically scans the screen from left to right, that with the increase of its velocity form a trace.

The Oscilloscope

oscilloscope simulator online

What is the oscilloscope? The oscilloscope is used to diagnose a defective part or circuit in an electronic device. It checks for a new circuit, New designs behave unexpectedly, Errors and may have voltage levels, electrical noise or errors in design and printed circuit board, but an oscilloscope can find these errors. Digital circuits, such as Arduino generally operate from an oscillator (clock), then an oscilloscope will help verify this Clock signals and also check the inputs and outputs of this circuit.

I went for many years in the area of ​​technical instrumentation, always been my strong oscilloscopes, but surely the Hameg'S were at the end of the list, with oscilloscopes HP and Tektronix, because their plates were difficult to access and its operation was complex. Unlike other oscilloscopes as Kenwood, Hitachi, Icel, Leader, Minipa, Goldstar, Kikusui, LG, Meguro, Topward, etc..

Of course, these scopes are currently still used, it has a fast sampling screen, but digital oscilloscopes are already becoming fast as the analogous, not to mention the decrease in size and versatility of controls.

Returning to simulator oscilloscope, to use just plug (botão Power – red at the top of the oscilloscope ) , use the cables down to take measurements, all oscilloscope functions are enabled. You must have plugin Shockwave do Adobe no browser installed.



simulador de osciloscópio on-line

Help functions of the oscilloscope are not working, but soon we'll be putting all instructions and operating aid.

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