Meet All Boards Arduino

Arduino Uno e Leonardo

I love working with Arduino, the first reason is that programming is easy and simple, in less than an hour either, even without programming experience can leave. Additionally upon completion of the project can record ATmega328 an integrated circuit and adding circuit board at low cost, without the Arduino board to ...

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How to make an Intercom using Old Phones

Faça um Intercomunicador usando Telefones Velhos

I'm a fanatic for scrap, really enjoy almost everything, Since resistors to sinks, all my circuits are built with at least 90% recycled material. For those who like to repurpose scrap, here's a cool article, it is a very simple circuit that can be done even by those who have no knowledge in electronics. This is ...

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Technical Amendments wire

Emenda de fios Western Union

Splice wires, though it seems something simple is a weak point in an electronics project, especially in places where faults are not allowed, as in aerospace, military and medical. Mending a wire requires technical, is usually one of the first things you should learn when starting to work with the soldering iron. A Nasa (American aerospace agency) is a standard ...

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SCR test of circuit

Circuito de teste de SCR

SCR é a sigla de Silicon-controlled Rectifier ou semiconductor-controlled rectifier, in Portuguese silicon rectifier controller. SCR is a semiconductor four-layer solid state device used as control. SCRs are unidirectional devices (in other words, can conduct current in only one direction), in opposition to the TRIAC is bidirectional (in other words, current can flow through it in any direction). SCRs can ...

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Blackmoon – The DC motor controller

Blackmoon o Controlador de motor DC

Whenever I, like to help publicize new projects, I think Brazil is lacking in this aspect. When we look out, mainly to the USA can see thousands of young people exhibiting their projects easily and raising money for their ventures. The Brazilian generally does not have this collaborative vision, but maybe we can change and make ...

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Circuit Ultrasonic Air Humidifier domesticated

umidificador de ar ultrassonico

The dry weather and low humidity can bring a lot of health problems, besides affecting the respiratory system. Health problems caused by low humidity are many, between them is rhinitis, asthma and bronchitis, a way to mitigate the effects is to drink plenty of water, and humidify the environment. One way to humidify is spreading wet towels and canisters ...

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Playing with the Magnetron Microwave

Brincando com o magnetron

First I want to make clear that doing so is VERY dangerous! Do not try this at home, There is risk of electric shock and burns, microwave radiation can be harmful to health and lead to death. This video is made by a Russian, That means he is almost immortal and professional electronics destruction. Read the disclaimers site, or ...

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Mata-insects Electric Circuit

mata-insetos Eletrônico

The insects are notorious carriers of disease, major that affects our country is dengue and malaria, but we can not use the whole time repellents and insecticides, not to mention the pitfalls and natural repellents such as citronella only offer protection for a type of gnat, and other insects? How to control pests such as insects naturally? Ai enters ...

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Circuits and Layout Compact Fluorescent Lamp

lâmpada philips genie 14w

The operation of the compact fluorescent lamp with vacuum tube is similar to standard incandescent bulb, its high temperature, nearly 900 graus Celsius, generates many electrons which are accelerated by the voltage between the electrodes and the filament reaches the atoms of argon and mercury. The inside of the tube is coated with a luminophore, which transform UV light for ...

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