Lighting Soldering Iron with LED

Iluminação para ferro de solda

This is a really cool tip that came from Russia, I found it by chance, and I am sharing with everyone. I myself have spent trouble for soldering or desoldering components in tight spaces and dark. Often takes longer than we thought and the job is done poorly due to these conditions. Good lighting is necessary for technical or lover ...

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How to make a Lantern will Movida Water

Lanterna Movida á Água

This title is well flashy, after all, who does not want a flashlight that uses a different fuel, that does not use battery or batteries, but water, a power source that you can find anywhere and at low cost. Actually this article is a flashlight moved to water, easy construction and low cost. How to make a lantern ...

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How to Make Printed Circuit Board

Papel para fazer placa de circuito impresso

Not only commercial electronic devices that can be printed circuit boards, the printed circuit boards can be built by anyone at home, provided you have some basic tools and a few products, I think the most common is iron perchlorate, in which we will talk later. The printed circuit board also called PCI or PCB ...

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Brain Stimulator Circuit – Eletroterapia – CES

Estimulador Cerebral

The electrical brain stimulation made headlines a few weeks in a TV show, and after it received hundreds of emails asking about the subject. For my part I believe that electrical impulses must do something in the brain, this has been proven for decades and widely used in mental hospitals and psychiatric clinics, this treatment was called or popularly called electroconvulsive ...

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Grandesas Elétricas – Volts – Ampere – Ohms e Watts

Símbolos AC e DC

I'm starting to write an e-book in which I intend to teach basic electronics who is starting. I'll try to use simple language to try to achieve those users without affinity with the area. It will not be like any electronics course Senai, will not delve, but to give a basic understanding, enabling any user to understand a little electro-electronic, ...

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Veronica FM Transmitter 1 Watt

Placa do transmissor de FM montada

There are electronic circuits that eventually get famous and receive up names, this is the famous case of this FM transmitter is called Veronica. The circuit is simple, it is a clear FM transmitter that does not use integrated circuits and is known for its extreme frequency stability and an FM signal clean and. The FM transmitter Veronica is originally designed to have ...

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LED Driver Using the LM317

Driver para LED Usando o LM317

Here is another electronic circuit of a driver for Led, this project is identical to the previously published, a current regulator for LED High Brightness 1 Watt tipo estrela ( Led Driver). He is part of a series of publications on Led Driver. This driver uses the famous LM317 voltage regulator, which in this case is configured ...

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The World's smallest transistor – Infographic

O quanto pequeno pode ser um transistor?

Australian researchers have managed to create a transistor that has the size of an atom. This is the smallest transistor ever created in the world. Considering that transistor single-atom, has only 0,1 nanometers in size. If you ever thought a SMD transistor difficult to weld to weld so I want to see this “transistor atômico” .. () Possible applications for this ...

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Pinout of USB Connectors

Conectores USB

Currently almost all connections are made to PC via a USB connector, como mouses, keyboards, printers, digital cameras, Arduino and almost all digital peripherals . E USB stands for Universal Serial Bus, this pattern was designed in mid- 1990 to replace the serial and parallel ports. There are three USB standards, USB 1, USB 2.0 e USB 3.0. How much ...

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