Test circuit Zener Diode

Circuito de Teste de Diodo Zener

It is very common to have problems identifying the operating voltage of a zener diode, oftentimes, we find the need to use a Zener diode and could not read its value, the characteristics or the type that are written about him. This occurs due to wear or lack of code in the body. If we do not have ...

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ElectroCalc the Electronic Application for Android

ElectroCalc cálculos eletrônicos no seu celular ou tablet

Currently applications for mobile electronics are increasingly becoming popular, an example of a great app for the electronics area is ElectroCalc. This app is a great tool and electrical calculations for electronic design. Its use is very simple and intuitive, That means that even beginners will be able to use electronics without any problems and ...

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10 Electronic Assemblies techniques that you need to know

Montagem em lhas coladas - Manhattan

The major obstacle for many beginners in electronics is making printed circuit boards, Many users complain about the difficulty of their boards, is due to price, the acquisition of material for fabrication in your city or even the lack of knowledge and technical process. I hate doing the same printed circuit boards, prefer to join 5 or ...

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Battery Charger Nickel Cadmium Super Simple

Carregador de Bateria de Nicad

This is a circuit for a battery charger super simple, it is designed to charge batteries NICAR,( NiCd, Ni-Cad , Nickel Cadmium) . Despite being a super simple circuit, use fewer components, it is capable of providing a constant current for charging the battery. Nowadays this type of battery is not used much, ...

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Circuit Pisca-de Pisca 200 Watts

Circuito Pisca-Pisca de 200 Watts

This is a circuit of a flasher up 200 Watts of power, but may be increased according to the needs of the user. The frequency and speed of the flash lamp can be adjusted between 1 Hz a 5 Hz, ie between 1 a 5 flashes per second. Ele utiliza or circuit LM555 integrado, an optical coupler ...

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RF Probe for Multimeter and Oscilloscope

An RF probe is a test probe that allows a multimeter or any other measuring instrument measures the oscillation frequency radio (RF), an electronic circuit which can be a transmitter or receiver. No special equipment, like this tip, is very difficult to measure the RF, difficulty arises when one of the RF energy to be measured ...

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Lighting Soldering Iron with LED

Iluminação para ferro de solda

This is a really cool tip that came from Russia, I found it by chance, and I am sharing with everyone. I myself have spent trouble for soldering or desoldering components in tight spaces and dark. Often takes longer than we thought and the job is done poorly due to these conditions. Good lighting is necessary for technical or lover ...

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How to make a Lantern will Movida Water

Lanterna Movida á Água

This title is well flashy, after all, who does not want a flashlight that uses a different fuel, that does not use battery or batteries, but water, a power source that you can find anywhere and at low cost. Actually this article is a flashlight moved to water, easy construction and low cost. How to make a lantern ...

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How to Make Printed Circuit Board

Papel para fazer placa de circuito impresso

Not only commercial electronic devices that can be printed circuit boards, the printed circuit boards can be built by anyone at home, provided you have some basic tools and a few products, I think the most common is iron perchlorate, in which we will talk later. The printed circuit board also called PCI or PCB ...

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