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Alarme eficiente e simples

This circuit is a very compact alarm, but very effective, Its construction is simple, reliable operation, power consumption very small, and, above all, has small. He owned two different zones, ZONE 1 e ZONA 2, the bell is common but there is an LED for each zone. You can use various types of sensors for this alarm, ...

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LPG Gas Sensor Module

Módulo Sensor de Gás GLP

Many people imagine that the sensors as described here in this article is for the exclusive use of designs for microcontrollers, but this is a mistake. Almost all modules and sensors can be used in projects or Arduino microcontrollers without. The modules or sensors usually tem 3 basic pine, which are usually 5Volts , 0 Volts and output. The output of a module ...

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Software for drawing Amplifiers

Software para desenho de Amplificador

The design of an amplifier requires knowledge of some formulas, for many (like me) is very confusing and complex, in the end turns out to be discouraged and copy an amplifier circuit any Internet. Furthermore, you need the parameters of the transistor, you'll have to consult a datasheet and it takes time. What do you think of creating ...

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Without Diode Voltage Drop

Dica: Diodo Sem Queda de Tensão

Every diode has a voltage drop of approximately 0,7 Volts, for some circuits it can be a bit inconvenient. The Schottky diode can reduce this to 0,3 Volts or less, yet, on a project where every volt counts a lot, 0.3V is a lot of tension to go to waste. But just by chance finding the solution ...

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Program for Calculation of Dipole Antenna

Programa para Calculo e Construção de Antena Dipolo

Although the construction of a simple dipole antenna, many still prefer exact calculations, since the more accurate the antenna is cut to a given frequency, lower ROE she will have. There is a basic calculation and a more accurate calculation, that takes into account whether the dipole is made of aluminum wire or a tube and ...

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Arduino in a ATtiny

Arduino em um ATtiny

With a simple Arduino project that uses only a few pins, you may be able to simulate and program a chip for ATtiny 8 pines. In this video, Matt Richardson shows como, based on a tutorial from MIT Media Lab Group's High-Low Tech. The best part is that you can use the same Arduino code and the environment ...

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Super Zener Electronic Circuit – DC Voltage Stabilizer

Circuito de Super Zener

A zener diode has a low power level, at most you will find the rare diodes 6 Watts, and in many cases we have to add a circuit for higher power. One solution is a control circuit or an integrated circuit voltage regulator. But what if this tension is different from standard regulators, actually there you will have a certain ...

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