Circuit to turn LED on DC voltage / AC de 4 a 30 Was

circuito led DC AC universal

What do you think of using a direct output led in its variable source, regardless of the output voltage? It is very difficult to find a simple solution to this problem. Maybe a zener solve, or a way to regulate the voltage and current without many components not endear, as to light a single LED should not have much effort. How to connect a ...

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Phantom Load To Audio

carga fantasma para caixa de som

Phantom load is a dummy load , a device that is used to simulate an electrical load , usually for testing purposes. There are basically two types of phantom loads, a de RF, the Power and Audio, in this article we show a load circuit for audio. When you want to test an amplifier, can sometimes be ...

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Simple Design of Temperature Sensor Electronic

Sensor de Temperatura Eletrônico

This is another simple design that leverages an additional feature of a component. In case the sensor used is a 1N4148 diode Transistor BC547B or with the base and collector shorted. Have you ever seen right here on the blog a Circuit Temperature Sensor using 1N4148 diode, and also the temperature sensor LM35, but this is different because of its simplicity. Circuits ...

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Circuit Electronic Fuse for small project

fusível eletrônico

For those who ride or develops electronic circuits the need for a source of protection system is paramount. In both blow fuses confess that I ended up having to recycle a blown fuse, abomination. But there is a practical and efficient output that is the construction of an electronic fuse. The electronic fuse is a device that plays the fuse ...

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What are their Resistors Types and Values


The resistance of an object is a measure of its opposition to the passage of electric current. Discovered by Georg Ohm , in 1827, electrical resistance has a similar concept to the friction in mechanical physics. The resistance unit in the International System of Units is the ohm ( AZ ). To measure, in practice, There are several methods, ...

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Online Calculator and Coil Inductance

Calculadora On-line de Bobinas e Indutância

Often we have to do complex calculations to build a coil, or to discover its inductance. But to ease our life there are many programs that do this, but do not always have time to be installing these programs, so I'm offering some online calculators calculations coils and inductance. From personal experience I want to note that this is just a theoretical basis ...

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