Online calculator Power Source

Calculadora on-line de Potência de Fonte

EXtreme Power Supply Calculator Lite is a calculator online, more calculations that, she says that a power source computer must have hardware and processors with predetermined by you. This calculator is a list of hundreds of hardware, including the latest Intel and AMD, the latest graphics cards from NVIDIA, AMD and more! ...

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Know the Best Software for Electronics

Conheça os Melhores Softwares de Eletrônica

Here I gathered some of the best software for electronics related to Cad, Software Projects for PCI ( Printed Circuit Boards), simulator Electronic Circuits and electro electronic design software ( schematics). Some of the software are free electronics, There is also demo version and paid. For those who like electronic, technical, engineers and practitioners in the area, vale a ...

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Continuity Test

Teste de Continuidade

Continuity test allows you to check the continuity of the wire connections and also be used in checking electrical and electronic circuits. We can use the continuity test to check if conductors are correctly connected and whether there is continuity along its entire route. (this can be anywhere, spinning, ends, printed circuit tracks , ...

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Electromagnetic Induction Heating

Aquecimento por Indução Eletromagnética

Induction heating is a process used to harden or soften metals or other conductive materials. For many modern manufacturing processes, induction heating offers an attractive combination of speed, consistency and control. In other words, Induction heating is a process of heating an electrically conductive object, in general, metal. The heating of the metal ...

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Termômetro Remoto via RF Wireless

Termometro Wireless

The objective of this project is to implement a reliable system, low cost and effective wireless temperature sensor for industry or recreation. This wireless device has several potential applications in many other areas, including, incubators animal, brooder, indoor and outdoor pools, etc. This design can be easily adapted to include multiple sensors, and is capable of ...

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Simple PIC Programmer

Programador PIC caseiro

This is the simplest PIC programmer that I know and functional, I even used it for years without any problems. An easy recorder and construct a few components, Ideal for you to record your PIC's fast and safely. This programmer is called ProgPic, but is very similar to the versions as COM84 and JDM. The programmer ...

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Frequency Table HF and VHF Maritime

Frequencias Marítimas

Maritime Mobile Service consists of radio systems that are installed in large ships and in most motorized vessels and is used for a variety of purposes, including the deployment of rescue services and communicating with harbors, bridges, marine, other vessels and coast stations. Below two tables of frequencies and Maritime VHF and HF channels, ...

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LED Lamp now replaces 35 W incandescent

Lâmpada LED

The SMD LED lamp series DEC02SM-B11E26 produces white light (2.500 K a 2.700 K) and can replace an incandescent lamp 35Watts, consuming only 3 In, less than one tenth of the incandescent. LED lamps work I 120 In, um beam provides the 360 ° radial light and 135 ° viewing angle, and is available in matte or ...

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