BAMA a directory with thousands of Manuals and Schematics

bama manuais

For those looking for schemes, manuals and circuit the acronym for The Bama BOATANCHOR Manual Archive is one of the largest portals of free Internet schemes, separated by Brand, you can find almost anything you are looking for, this is what you seek is a little old. Bama has a long list of manufacturers, between Ls Hallicrafters , Marconi, Panasonic, etc.. is a ...

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Lei Ohm – Tabelas and simple calculations

lei da eletrônica

A Lei of Ohm, was named after the creator of the Georg Simon Ohm formula. There are first and second law of Ohm. The first law of Ohm refers to electrical resistance and Ohm's second law shows us the factors that influence the electrical resistance. In this article let's keep it simple, without much stick to the calculations. ...

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