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Perguntas e Dúvidas sobre Eletrônica

Aqui estarei postando as perguntas, doubts, como também suas respostas sobre eletrônica. Não irei citar nome, só farei uma coletânea breve das perguntas.

Leds Cree emitem radiação UV ?

De uma olhada neste link, he is from Document Library of CREE.
Lá tem os datasheets de todos os Leds fabricados pela Cree e seu espectro de Luz.

I wonder if this Thermal Grease, this white paste that is used to put on heat sinks of the components, It is carcinogenic and is even being forbidden?

Of course every chemical presents certain risks. But if the manufacturer is sufficient there is no problem, because the thermal paste is merely a mass consisting of a mixture of polydimethylsiloxanes and zinc oxide. The only precaution is to wash your hands after application and never touch mucous, mouth or eyes during use.

Hello, I'm not very experienced with electricity. You can use a dimmer for an LED lamp?

It depends on the circuit that is used in this lamp, in most manufacturers can be put a dimmer without burning, but it will not be as effective as the incandescent bulbs.

I have a doubt: you can connect the secondary of a transformer of 9 e volts 2 amps in series with a transformer of 18 800mA volts??

Yes! Without any problem!

I have a doubt aki, q is a tv, It has a capacitor in the 1uf capacimeter indicated alteration in capacitance, 1uF, indicates 778nf. This is due to tolerance or it changed even? Gauging did a tv hps2080d and that is the doubt: c413 of the 1uF / 100V modified, if this measure because that type of defect??

The capacitor must be 1uf electrolyte.. see well, the measures rely heavily on the accuracy of capacimeter and capacitor quality. The electrolytic capacitor has a different behavior when subjected to tension, capacimeter that in some cases can not detect. The board : "In doubt .. exchange"

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