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Privacy Policy

This site asks for personal information when you voluntarily register. Such information is not provided to third parties, they serve only to internal control site, seeking a better service and content delivery, and of course, to enable communication between the reader and our editors.

Furthermore, Indexed personal information used to define the user profile and ensure the quality of our services.

We pledge not to disclose this information to any of our partners, companies, entities, sponsors or advertisers, unless you have the express consent of the user. Personal information will always be preserved.

This site may use cookies and / or web beacons when a user has access to pages. Cookies can be used to associate themselves (if appropriate) only with the browser of a computer.
Cookies are used on this site can be installed by the same, which are originated from different servers operated by him, or from the servers of third parties that provide services and install cookies and / or web beacons (eg, cookies are employees to provide certain advertising services or content through which the user viewing the advertising content or predetermined time).

The user can search the hard drive of your computer as instructed by the browser itself.
User has the ability to configure your browser to be notified, on the computer screen, on the receipt of cookies and to prevent their installation on the hard disk. Information relevant to this configuration are available in manuals and instructions of the browser.

We also use cookies to personalize content and ads, provide social media resources and analyzing our traffic. We also share your usage information from our site with our social media partners, advertising and analysis. They can combine these to that information collected by them or provided by you to use the services of these partners.

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All comments are read and moderated in advance and are not published those listed below:

Comment that is unrelated to the subject of the post;
Comments that do advertise other blogs or sites;
Comment that includes unnecessary links in the content of your comment;
Comments with personal insults, threats and curses;
Comment with abbreviations, or UPPERCASE and in another language, dialect, than the Portuguese.

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