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Table Diodes 1N4 UF

Table 1N4001 diodes to UF5408, para diodos inferiores a essa marcação ver tabela de diodos de 1N1 a 1N3. This table diodes have the basic specifications of the diodes, as its use, Function, voltage, potencia, frequency and current.

Table Diodes 1N4 UF


LED name - Function

1N4001 SI-D 50V 1A/50Ap 
 1N4002 SI-D 100V 1A/50Ap 
1N4003 SI-D 200V 1A/50Ap 
 1N4004 SI-D 400V 1A/50Ap 
1N4005 SI-D 600V 1A/50Ap 
 1N4006 SI-D 800V 1A/50Ap 
1N4007 SI-D 1000V 1A/50Ap 
 1N4008 GE-D 12V 0.1A <70ns 
1N4009 SI-D 35V 0.1A <4ns 
 1N4011 SI-D 1000V 0.5A
1N4012 SI-D 700V 12A 
 1N4013 SI-D 800V 12A 
1N4014 SI-D 900V 12A 
 1N4015 SI-D 1000V 12A 
1N4043 SI-D 25V <4ns 
 1N4086 SI-D 70V <200ns
1N4087 SI-D 50V <2.5ns 
 1N4088 GE-D 30V Uni 
1N4089 SI-D 400V 1.1A 
 1N4090 GE-D Tunnel diode 
1N4091 SI-D UHF-tuning 
 1N4092 SI-D 50V Uni 
1N4093 SI-D 50V Uni 
 1N4139 SI-D 50V 3A 
1N4140 SI-D 100V 3A 
 1N4141 SI-D 200V 3A 
1N4142 SI-D 400V 3A 
 1N4143 SI-D 600V 3A 
1N4144 SI-D 800V 3A 
 1N4145 SI-D 1000V 3A 
1N4146 SI-D 1200V 3A 
 1N4148 SI-D 100V 0.2A <4ns 
1N4149 SI-D 100V 0.2A <4ns 
 1N4150 SI-D 50V 0.2A <4ns 
1N4151 SI-D 75V 0.2A <4ns 
 1N4152 SI-D 40V 0.2A <4ns 
1N4153 SI-D 75V 0.2A <4ns 
 1N4154 SI-D 35V 0.2A <4ns 
1N4155 SI-D 400V 0.2A <10us 
 1N4244 SI-D 10V 0.05A <0.75ns 
1N4245(GP) SI-D 200V 1A 
 1N4246(GP) SI-D 400V 1A 
1N4247(GP) SI-D 600V 1A 
 1N4248(GP) SI-D 800V 1A 
1N4249(GP) SI-D 1000V 1A 
 1N4250 SI-D 800V 0.5A 
1N4251 SI-D 1000V 0.5A 
 1N4252 SI-D 1200V 0.5A
1N4253 SI-D 1500V 0.5A 
 1N4254 SI-D 1500V 0.25A 
1N4255 SI-D 2000V 0.25A 
 1N4256 SI-D 2500V 0.25A 
1N4257 SI-D 3000V 0.25A 
 1N4305 SI-D 75V 0.1A <4ns 
1N4308 SI-D 100V <2ns 
 1N4309 SI-D 50V <2ns 
1N4310 SI-D 75V <2ns 
 1N4311 SI-D 100V <2ns 
1N4312 SI-D 150V <2ns 
 1N4313 SI-D 100V <2ns 
1N4314 SI-D 100V <2ns Min 
 1N4315 SI-D 50V <2ns Min 
1N4316 SI-D 75V <2ns Min 
 1N4317 SI-D 100V <2ns Min 
1N4318 SI-D 150V <2ns Min 
 1N4319 SI-D 100V <2ns Min 
1N4322 SI-D 75V <6ns 
 1N4361 SI-D 900V 0.5A 
1N4363 SI-D 120V 0.1A <40ns 
 1N4364 SI-D 100V 0.75A
1N4365 SI-D 200V 0.75A 
 1N4366 SI-D 300V 0.75A
1N4367 SI-D 400V 0.75A 
 1N4368 SI-D 500V 0.75A
1N4369 SI-D 600V 0.75A 
 1N4373 SI-D 80V 4ns 
1N4374 SI-D 1500V 0.75A 
 1N4375 SI-D 60V <6ns 
1N4376 SI-D 10V 0.05A <6ns 
 1N4377 SI-D 2.5KV 0.75A 
1N4380 SI-D 50V 0.05A <1.8ns 
 1N4381 GE-D 25V <100ns
1N4382 SI-D 55V <5.5ns 
 1N4383(GP) SI-D 200V 1A 
1N4384(GP) SI-D 400V 1A 
 1N4385(GP) SI-D 600V 1A 
1N4390 SI-D 20V <0.5ns 
 1N4391 SI-D 20V <0.5ns
1N4392 SI-D 15V <0.5ns 
 1N4393 SI-D Tunnel diode 
1N4394(A,B) SI-D Tunnel diode 
 1N4395(A,B) SI-D Tunnel diode 
1N4396(A,B) SI-D Tunnel diode 
 1N4397(A,B) SI-D Tunnel diode 
1N4398(A,B) SI-D Tunnel diode 
 1N4399(A,B) SI-D Tunnel diode 
1N4436 SI-D 200V 10A 
 1N4437 SI-D 400V 10A 
1N4438 SI-D 600V 10A 
 1N4439 SI-D 800V 10A 
1N4440 SI-D 1000V 10A 
 1N4441 SI-D 1500V 25mA <300ns 
1N4442 SI-D 30V 1ns 
 1N4443 SI-D 30V 0.6ns 
1N4444 SI-D 70V 0.225A <7ns 
 1N4445 SI-D 125V <4ns 
1N4446 SI-D 100V 0.2A <4ns 
 1N4447 SI-D 100V 0.2A <4ns 
1N4448 SI-D 100V 0.2A <4ns 
 1N4449 SI-D 100V 0.2A <4ns 
1N4450 SI-D 30V 0.2A <4ns 
 1N4451 SI-D 30V 0.2A <10ns 
1N4454 SI-D 50V 0.2A <10ns 
 1N4456 SI-D 35V <1.5ns
1N4457 SI-D 50V <1.5ns 
 1N4458 SI-D 800V 5A 
1N4459 SI-D 1000V 5A 
 1N4497 SI-D 1.6KV 0.75A 
1N4498 SI-D 3KV 0.75A 
 1N4500 SI-D 80V <4ns 
1N4502 GE-D 20V Uni 
 1N4505 SI-D 6KV 0.1A 
1N4506 SI-D 200V 12A 
 1N4507 SI-D 400V 12A 
1N4508 SI-D 600V 12A 
 1N4509 SI-D 800V 12A 
1N4510 SI-D 1000V 12A 
 1N4511 SI-D 1200V 12A 
1N4513 SI-D 2000V 0.25A 
 1N4514 SI-D 800V 1.1A 
1N4517 SI-D 200V 2A 
 1N4523 GE-D 15V <8ns 
1N4524 GE-D 10V <3ns 
 1N4525 SI-D 200V 35A 
1N4526 SI-D 400V 35A 
 1N4527 SI-D 600V 35A 
1N4528 SI-D 800V 35A 
 1N4529 SI-D 1000V 35A 
1N4530 SI-D 1200V 35A 
 1N4531 SI-D 75V 0.15A <4ns 
1N4532 SI-D 75V 0.15A <2ns 
 1N4533 SI-D 40V 0.075A <2ns 
1N4534 SI-D 75V 0.075A <2ns 
 1N4536 SI-D 25V 0.075A <2ns 
1N4537 SI-D 1800V 3A 
 1N4538 SI-D 2400V 3A 
1N4539 SI-D 3000V 3A 
 1N4540 SI-D 3600V 3A 
1N4541 SI-D 225V 0.4A 
 1N4542 SI-D 400V 0.4A 
1N4543 SI-D 600V 0.4A 
 1N4544 SI-D 800V 0.4A 
1N4545 SI-D 1000V 0.4A 
 1N4546 SI-D 25KV 1A 
1N4547 SI-D 25V <60ns 
 1N4548 SI-D 25V <2ns 
1N4585(GP) SI-D 800V 1A 
 1N4586(GP) SI-D 1000V 1A 
1N4598(A) SI-D VHF-tuning 90V 
 1N4599(A) SI-D VHF-tuning 110V 
1N4606 SI-D 85V 0.35A <6ns 
 1N4607 SI-D 85V 0.35A <15ns 
1N4608 SI-D 85V 0.35A <15ns 
 1N4609(A) SI-D VHF-tuning
1N4610 SI-D 80V <4ns 
 1N4718 SI-D 50V <180ns
1N4719 SI-D 50V 3A 
 1N4720 SI-D 100V 3A 
1N4721 SI-D 200V 3A 
 1N4722 SI-D 400V 3A 
1N4723 SI-D 600V 3A 
 1N4724 SI-D 800V 3A 
1N4725 SI-D 1000V 3A 
 1N4726 SI-D 20V 0.06A 
1N4727 SI-D 20V 0.075A 
 1N4785 GE-D 320V 7A TV-damper 
1N4786(A..D) SI-D VHF-tuning 
 1N4787(A..D) SI-D VHF-tuning
1N4788(A..D) SI-D VHF-tuning 
 1N4789(A..D) SI-D VHF-tuning
1N4790(A..D) SI-D VHF-tuning 
 1N4791(A..D) SI-D VHF-tuning
1N4792(A..D) SI-D VHF-tuning 
 1N4793(A..D) SI-D VHF-tuning
1N4794(A..D) SI-D VHF-tuning 
 1N4795(A..D) SI-D VHF-tuning
1N4796(A..D) SI-D VHF-tuning 
 1N4797(A..D) SI-D VHF-tuning
1N4798(A..D) SI-D VHF-tuning 
 1N4799(A..D) SI-D VHF-tuning
1N4800(A..D) SI-D VHF-tuning 
 1N4801(A..D) SI-D VHF-tuning
1N4802(A..D) SI-D VHF-tuning 
 1N4803(A..D) SI-D VHF-tuning
1N4804(A..D) SI-D VHF-tuning 
 1N4805(A..D) SI-D VHF-tuning
1N4806(A..D) SI-D VHF-tuning 
 1N4807(A..D) SI-D VHF-tuning
1N4808(A..D) SI-D VHF-tuning 
 1N4809(A..D) SI-D VHF-tuning
1N4810(A..D) SI-D VHF-tuning 
 1N4811(A..D) SI-D VHF-tuning
1N4812(A..D) SI-D VHF-tuning 
 1N4813(A..D) SI-D VHF-tuning
1N4814(A..D) SI-D VHF-tuning 
 1N4815(A..D) SI-D VHF-tuning
1N4816 SI-D 50V 1.5A 
 1N4817 SI-D 100V 1.5A 
1N4818 SI-D 200V 1.5A 
 1N4819 SI-D 300V 1.5A 
1N4820 SI-D 400V 1.5A 
 1N4821 SI-D 500V 1.5A 
1N4822 SI-D 600V 1.5A 
 1N4823 SI-D 100V 1A <100ns 
1N4824 SI-D 200V 1A <100ns 
 1N4825 SI-D 400V 1A <100ns 
1N4826 SI-D 600V 1A <100ns 
 1N4827 GE-D 30V 200ns 
1N4861 SI-D 40V <1us 
 1N4862 SI-D 70V <1us 
1N4863 SI-D 70V 0.2A <7ns 
 1N4864 SI-D 125V 0.2A <4ns 
1N4865 SI-D 1.5KV 1.25A 
 1N4866 SI-D 2.5KV 1.25A 
1N4867 SI-D 3KV 1.25A 
 1N4868 SI-D 5KV 1.25A 
1N4869 SI-D 7.5KV 1.25A 
 1N4870 SI-D 10KV 1.25A
1N4871 SI-D 12KV 1.25A 
 1N4872 SI-D 15KV 1.25A
1N4873 SI-D 20KV 1.25A 
 1N4874 SI-D 25KV 1.25A
1N4875 SI-D 30KV 1.25A 
 1N4876 SI-D 40KV 1.25A
1N4877 SI-D 50KV 1.25A 
 1N4887 SI-D 75KV 1.25A
1N4888 SI-D 12V <0.5ns 
 1N4933(GP) SI-D 50V 1A <200ns 
1N4934(GP) SI-D 100V 1A <200ns 
 1N4935(GP) SI-D 200V 1A <200ns 
1N4936(GP) SI-D 400V 1A <200ns 
 1N4937(GP) SI-D 600V 1A <200ns 
1N4938 SI-D =1N3070 
 1N4941 GAAS-D UHF-tuning 
1N4942(GP) SI-D 200V 1A <150ns 
 1N4943(GP) SI-D 300V 1A <150ns 
1N4944(GP) SI-D 400V 1A <150ns 
 1N4945(GP) SI-D 500V 1A <150ns 
1N4946(GP) SI-D 600V 1A <250ns 
 1N4947(GP) SI-D 800V 1A <250ns 
1N4948(GP) SI-D 1000V 1A <500ns 
 1N4949 SI-D 35V <0.3ns
1N4950 SI-D 30V <4ns 
 1N4997(R) SI-D 50V 3A 
1N4998(R) SI-D 100V 3A 
 1N4999(R) SI-D 200V 3A 
1N5000(R) SI-D 400V 3A 
 1N5001(R) SI-D 600V 3A 
1N5002(R) SI-D 800V 3A 
 1N5003(R) SI-D 1000V 3A 
1N5004 SI-D 100V 1A 
 1N5005 SI-D 200V 1A 
1N5006 SI-D 400V 1A 
 1N5007 SI-D 600V 1A 
1N5052(A) SI-D 700V 1.5A 
 1N5053(A) SI-D 800V 1.5A 
1N5054(A) SI-D 1000V 1.5A 
 1N5055 SI-D 100V 1A 
1N5056 SI-D 200V 1A 
 1N5057 SI-D 300V 0.8A 
1N5058 SI-D 400V 0.8A 
 1N5059(GP) SI-D 200V 2A/50Ap 6us 
1N5060(GP) SI-D 400V 2A/50Ap 6us 
 1N5061(GP) SI-D 600V 2A/50Ap 6us 
1N5062(GP) SI-D 800V 2A/50Ap 6us 
 1N5136(A) SI-D VHF-tuning
1N5137(A) SI-D VHF-tuning 
 1N5138(A) SI-D VHF-tuning
1N5139(A) SI-D VHF-tuning 
 1N5140(A) SI-D VHF-tuning
1N5141(A) SI-D VHF-tuning 
 1N5142(A) SI-D VHF-tuning
1N5143(A) SI-D VHF-tuning 
 1N5144(A) SI-D VHF-tuning
1N5145(A) SI-D VHF-tuning 
 1N5146(A) SI-D VHF-tuning
1N5147(A) SI-D VHF-tuning 
 1N5148(A) SI-D VHF-tuning
1N5165(A) SI-D-S HF/S 30V 
 1N5166(A) SI-D-S HF/S 30V
1N5167(A) SI-D-S HF/S 20V 
 1N5170 SI-D 15V 2A 
1N5171 SI-D 50V 2A 
 1N5172 SI-D 100V 2A 
1N5173 SI-D 300V 2A 
 1N5174 SI-D 400V 2A 
1N5175 SI-D 500V 2A 
 1N5176 SI-D 600V 2A 
1N5177 SI-D 800V 2A 
 1N5178 SI-D 1000V 2A 
1N5180 SI-D 120V 4A 
 1N5181 SI-D 4KV 0.1A 
1N5182 SI-D 5KV 0.1A 
 1N5183 SI-D 7.5KV 0.1A
1N5184 SI-D 10KV 0.1A 
 1N5185(A) SI-D 50V 3..4A <250..400ns 
1N5186(A) SI-D 100V 3..4A <250..400ns 
 1N5187(A) SI-D 200V 3..4A <250..400ns 
1N5188(A) SI-D 400V 3..4A <250..400ns 
 1N5189(A) SI-D 500V 3..4A <250..400ns 
1N5190(A) SI-D 600V 3..4A <250..400ns 
 1N5194 SI-D 80V 0.2A 
1N5195 SI-D 200V 0.2A 
 1N5196 SI-D 250V 0.2A 
1N5197 SI-D 50V 3A 
 1N5198 SI-D 100V 3A 
1N5199 SI-D 200V 3A 
 1N5200 SI-D 400V 3A 
1N5201 SI-D 600V 3A 
 1N5206 SI-D 440V 2A 
1N5207 SI-D 440V 4A 
 1N5208 SI-D 70V 0.075A
1N5209 SI-D 150V 0.055A 
 1N5210 SI-D 200V 0.04A
1N5211 SI-D 200V 1A 
 1N5212 SI-D 400V 1A 
1N5213 SI-D 600V 1A 
 1N5214 SI-D 800V 1A 
1N5215 SI-D 200V 1A 
 1N5216 SI-D 400V 1A 
1N5217 SI-D 600V 1A 
 1N5218 SI-D 800V 1A 
1N5219 SI-D 30V <2ns
 IF 1N5220-D 30V <0.7ns
1N5282(A) SI-D 80V 0.2A <4ns
 1N5315 SI-D 100V 0.2A <4ns
1N5316 SI-D 100V 0.135A <4ns
 SI-D 1N5317 80V 0.125A <4ns
SI-D 1N5318 75V 0.125A <4ns
 IF 1N5319-D 40V 0.1A <4ns
1N5320 SI-D 120V 1A <250ns 
 1N5321 SI-D-S 30V 
1N5322 SI-D-S 30V 
 1N5323 SI-D-S 20V 
1N5324 SI-D 15KV 0.01A 
 1N5326 SI-D 200V 12A 
1N5329 SI-D 6KV 0.135A 
 1N5330 SI-D 1500V 0.54A 
1N5331 SI-D 1200V 12A 
 1N5332 SI-D 1200V 35A 
1N5389 SI-D 40KV 
 1N5390 SI-D-S 5V 
1N5391 SI-D 50V 1.5A 
 1N5392 SI-D 100V 1.5A 
1N5393 SI-D 200V 1.5A 
 1N5394 SI-D 300V 1.5A 
1N5395 SI-D 400V 1.5A 
 1N5396 SI-D 500V 1.5A 
1N5397 SI-D 600V 1.5A 
 1N5398 SI-D 800V 1.5A 
1N5399 SI-D 1000V 1.5A/10Ap 
 1N5400 SI-D 50V 3A/200Ap 
1N5401 SI-D 100V 3A/200Ap 
 1N5402 SI-D 200V 3A/200Ap 
1N5403 SI-D 300V 3A/200Ap 
 1N5404 SI-D 400V 3A/200Ap 
1N5405 SI-D 500V 3A/200Ap 
 1N5406 SI-D 600V 3A/200Ap 
1N5407 SI-D 800V 3A/200Ap 
 1N5408 SI-D 1000V 3A/200Ap 
1N5409 SI-D 300V 40A 
 1N5410 SI-D 300V 12A 
1N5412 SI-D 40V 0.2A <2ns 
 1N5413 SI-D 80V 0.2A <2ns 
1N5414 SI-D 100V 0.2A <2ns 
 1N5415 SI-D 50V 3A <150ns 
1N5416 SI-D 100V 3A <150ns 
 1N5417 SI-D 200V 3A <150ns 
1N5418 SI-D 400V 3A <150ns 
 1N5419 SI-D 500V 3A <250ns 
1N5420 SI-D 600V 3A <400ns 
 1N5421 SI-D VHF-tuning 200V 
1N5422 SI-D VHF-tuning 200V 
 1N5423 SI-D VHF-tuning 200V 
1N5424 SI-D VHF-tuning 100V 
 1N5425 SI-D VHF-tuning 100V 
1N5433 SI-D 720V 2mA <400ns 
 1N5434 SI-D 720V 2mA <400ns 
1N5435 SI-D 720V 12A 
 1N5441(A..D) SI-D FM/VHF-AFC/Tunihg 
1N5442(A..D) SI-D FM/VHF-AFC/Tunihg 
 1N5443(A..D) SI-D FM/VHF-AFC/Tunihg 
1N5444(A..D) SI-D FM/VHF-AFC/Tunihg 
 1N5445(A..D) SI-D FM/VHF-AFC/Tunihg 
1N5446(A..D) SI-D FM/VHF-AFC/Tunihg 
 1N5447(A..D) SI-D FM/VHF-AFC/Tunihg 
1N5448(A..D) SI-D FM/VHF-AFC/Tunihg 
 1N5449(A..D) SI-D FM/VHF-AFC/Tunihg 
1N5450(A..D) SI-D FM/VHF-AFC/Tunihg 
 1N5451(A..D) SI-D FM/VHF-AFC/Tunihg 
1N5452(A..D) SI-D FM/VHF-AFC/Tunihg 
 1N5453(A..D) SI-D FM/VHF-AFC/Tunihg 
1N5454(A..D) SI-D FM/VHF-AFC/Tunihg 
 1N5455(A..D) SI-D FM/VHF-AFC/Tunihg 
1N5456(A..D) SI-D FM/VHF-AFC/Tunihg 
 1N5461(A..D) SI-D FM..UHF-AFC/Tunihg 
1N5462(A..D) SI-D FM..UHF-AFC/Tunihg 
 1N5463(A..D) SI-D FM..UHF-AFC/Tunihg 
1N5464(A..D) SI-D FM..UHF-AFC/Tunihg 
 1N5465(A..D) SI-D FM..UHF-AFC/Tunihg 
1N5466(A..D) SI-D FM..UHF-AFC/Tunihg 
 1N5467(A..D) SI-D FM..UHF-AFC/Tunihg 
1N5468(A..D) SI-D FM..UHF-AFC/Tunihg 
 1N5469(A..D) SI-D FM..UHF-AFC/Tunihg 
1N5470(A..D) SI-D FM..UHF-AFC/Tunihg 
 1N5471(A..D) SI-D FM..UHF-AFC/Tunihg 
1N5472(A..D) SI-D FM..UHF-AFC/Tunihg 
 1N5473(A..D) SI-D FM..UHF-AFC/Tunihg 
1N5474(A..D) SI-D FM..UHF-AFC/Tunihg 
 1N5475(A..D) SI-D FM..UHF-AFC/Tunihg 
1N5476(A..D) SI-D FM..UHF-AFC/Tunihg 
 1N5477 SI-D 6KV 0.6A 
1N5478 SI-D 7.2KV 0.6A 
 1N5479 SI-D 8.4KV 0.6A
1N5480 SI-D 9.6KV 0.6A 
 1N5481 SI-D 12KV 0.6A 
1N5482 SI-D 2.4KV 1A 
 1N5483 SI-D 3.6KV 1A 
1N5484 SI-D 4.8KV 1A 
 1N5485 SI-D 6KV 1A 
1N5550 SI-D 200V 3A 
 1N5551 SI-D 400V 3A 
1N5552 SI-D 600V 3A 
 1N5553 SI-D 800V 3A 
1N5554 SI-D 1000V 3A 
 1N5595 SI-D 5KV 1.15A 
1N5596 SI-D 7.5KV 0.87A 
 1N5597 SI-D 10KV 0.7A 
1N5598 SI-D 15KV 0.47A 
 1N5599 SI-D 2.5KV 2.1A
1N5600 SI-D 5KV 1.4A 
 1N5601 SI-D 7.5KV 0.92A 
1N5602 SI-D 2.5KV 4.6A 
 1N5603 SI-D 5KV 3.5A 
1N5604 SI-D 7.5KV 2.3A 
 1N5606 SI-D 150V 0.1A 
1N5607 SI-D 200V 0.15A 
 1N5608 SI-D 120V 0.15A <300ns 
1N5609 SI-D 120V 0.15A <300ns 
 1N5614 SI-D 200V 1A 
1N5615 SI-D 200V 1A <150ns 
 1N5616 SI-D 400V 1A 
1N5617 SI-D 400V 1A <150ns 
 1N5618 SI-D 600V 1A 
1N5619 SI-D 600V 1A <150ns 
 1N5620 SI-D 800V 1A 
1N5621 SI-D 800V 1A <150ns 
 1N5622 SI-D 1000V 1A 
1N5623 SI-D 1000V 1A <150ns 
 1N5624(GP) SI-D 200V 5A 
1N5625(GP) SI-D 400V 5A 
 1N5626(GP) SI-D 600V 5A 
1N5627(GP) SI-D 800V 5A 
 1N5628 SI-D 3KV 0.5A 
1N5679 SI-D 50V 1A 
 1N5680 SI-D 100V 1A 
1N5681(A,B) SI-D VHF-Tunihg 
 1N5682(A,B) SI-D VHF-Tunihg
1N5683(A,B) SI-D VHF-Tunihg 
 1N5684(A,B) SI-D VHF-Tunihg
1N5685(A,B) SI-D VHF-Tunihg 
 1N5686(A,B) SI-D VHF-Tunihg
1N5687(A,B) SI-D VHF-Tunihg 
 1N5688(A,B) SI-D VHF-Tunihg
1N5689(A,B) SI-D VHF-Tunihg 
 1N5690(A,B) SI-D VHF-Tunihg
1N5691(A,B) SI-D VHF-Tunihg 
 1N5692(A,B) SI-D VHF-Tunihg
1N5693(A,B) SI-D VHF-Tunihg 
 1N5694(A,B) SI-D VHF-Tunihg
1N5695(A,B) SI-D VHF-Tunihg 
 1N5696(A,B) SI-D VHF-Tunihg
1N5697(A,B) SI-D VHF-Tunihg 
 1N5698(A,B) SI-D VHF-Tunihg
1N5699(A,B) SI-D VHF-Tunihg 
 1N5700(A,B) SI-D VHF-Tunihg
1N5701(A,B) SI-D VHF-Tunihg 
 1N5702(A,B) SI-D VHF-Tunihg
1N5703(A,B) SI-D VHF-Tunihg 
 1N5704(A,B) SI-D VHF-Tunihg
1N5705(A,B) SI-D VHF-Tunihg 
 1N5706(A,B) SI-D VHF-Tunihg
1N5707(A,B) SI-D VHF-Tunihg 
 1N5708(A,B) SI-D VHF-Tunihg
1N5709(A,B) SI-D VHF-Tunihg 
 1N5710(A,B) SI-D VHF-Tunihg
1N5711 SI-D-S 70V 15mA 0.1ns 
 1N5712 SI-D-S 20V 35mA
1N5713 SI-D-S 12V 
 1N5714 SI-D VHF-Tunihg 200V 
1N5715 SI-D VHF-Tunihg 200V 
 1N5716 SI-D VHF-Tunihg 200V 
1N5717 SI-D VHF-Tunihg 100V 
 1N5718 SI-D VHF-Tunihg 100V 
1N5719 SI-D 100V Uni 
 1N5720 SI-D 30V <10ns 
1N5721 SI-D 15V <10ns 
 1N5726 SI-D 60V <10ns 
1N5727 SI-D 50V <10ns 
 1N5766 SI-D 110V <400ns 
1N5794 SI-D 50V 1A 
 1N5795 SI-D 100V 1A 
1N5796 SI-D 200V 1A 
 1N5797 SI-D 400V 1A 
1N5798 SI-D 600V 1A 
 1N5799 SI-D 800V 1A 
1N5800 SI-D 1000V 1A 
 1N5802 SI-D 50V 2.5A <25ns 
1N5803 SI-D 75V 2.5A <25ns 
 1N5804 SI-D 100V 2.5A <25ns 
1N5805 SI-D 125V 2.5A <25ns 
 1N5806 SI-D 150V 2.5A <25ns 
1N5807 SI-D 50V 6A <30ns 
 1N5808 SI-D 75V 6A <30ns 
1N5809 SI-D 100V 6A <30ns 
 1N5810 SI-D 125V 6A <30ns 
1N5811 SI-D 150V 6A <30ns 
 1N5812 SI-D 50V 50A <25ns 
1N5813 SI-D 75V 50A <25ns 
 1N5814 SI-D 100V 50A <25ns 
1N5815 SI-D 125V 50A <25ns 
 1N5816 SI-D 150V 50A <25ns 
1N5817 SI-D-S 20V 1A/25Ap 
 1N5818 SI-D-S 30V 1A/25Ap 
1N5819 SI-D-S 40V 1A/25Ap 
 1N5820 SI-D-S 20V 3A/80Ap 
1N5821 SI-D-S 30V 3A/80Ap 
 1N5822 SI-D-S 40V 3A/80Ap 
1N5823 SI-D-S 20V 5A 
 1N5824 SI-D-S 30V 5A 
1N5825 SI-D-S 40V 5A 
 1N5826 SI-D-S 20V 15A 
1N5827 SI-D-S 30V 15A 
 1N5828 SI-D-S 40V 15A 
1N5829 SI-D-S 20V 25A 
 1N5830 SI-D-S 30V 25A 
1N5831 SI-D-S 40V 25A 
 1N5832 SI-D-S 20V 40A 
1N5833 SI-D-S 30V 40A 
 1N5834 SI-D-S 40V 40A 
1N5835 SI-D 30V 3A <100ns 
 1N5836 SI-D 50V 3A <100ns 
1N5898 SI-D 50V 3A 
 1N5899 SI-D 100V 3A 
1N5900 SI-D 200V 3A 
 1N5901 SI-D 400V 3A 
1N5902 SI-D 600V 3A 
 1N5903 SI-D 800V 3A 
1N5904 SI-D 1000V 3A 
 1N5905 SI-D 1200V 3A 
1N60 GE-D 50V 50mA 
 1N6073 SI-D 50V 3A 30ns 
1N6074 SI-D 100V 3A 30ns 
 1N6075 SI-D 150V 3A 30ns 
1N6076 SI-D 50V 6A 30ns 
 1N6077 SI-D 100V 6A 30ns 
1N6078 SI-D 150V 6A 30ns 
 1N6079 SI-D 50V 12A 30ns 
1N6080 SI-D 100V 12A 30ns 
 1N6081 SI-D 150V 12A 30ns 
1N6095 SI-D-S 30V 25A 
 1N6096 SI-D-S 40V 25A 
1N6097 SI-D-S 30V 50A 
 1N6098 SI-D-S 40V 50A 
1N6099 SI-D =1N3595 
 1N6262 SI-D 200V 85A 
1N6263 SI-D-S 60V 15mA 0.1ns 
 1N645 SI-D 225V 0.4A 
1N647 SI-D 400V 0.4A/15Ap 
 1N6478 SI-D 50V 1A 
1N6479 SI-D 100V 1A 
 1N6480 SI-D 200V 1A 
1N6481 SI-D 400V 1A 
 1N6482 SI-D 600V 1A 
1N6483 SI-D 800V 1A 
 1N6484 SI-D 1000V 1A 
1N914 SI-D 100V 75mA 0.5W 4ns 
 1SS119 SI-D 35V 0.15A <3.5ns 
1SS131 SI-D 90V 0.13A <4ns 
 25F120 SI-D 1200V 25A/300Ap 
40HF10 SI-D 100V 40A/480Ap 
 40HF20 SI-D 200V 40A/480Ap 
40HF40 SI-D 400V 40A/480Ap 
 40HFR10 SI-D 100V 40A/480Ap revers 
40HFR20 SI-D 200V 40A/480Ap revers 
 40HFR40 SI-D 400V 40A/480Ap revers 
6F120 SI-D 1200V 6A/134Ap 
 6FR120 SI-D 1200V 6A/134Ap revers 
70HF80 SI-D 800V 70A/1000Ap 
 AA112 GE-D 20V 30mA dem n-Ohm 
AA114 GE-D 30V 40mA dem n-Ohm 
 AA116 GE-D 30V 30mA dem n-Ohm 
AA117 GE-D 115V 50mA/0.5Ap 
 AA118 GE-D 115V 50mA/0.5Ap 
AA119 GE-D 45V 35mA dem n-Ohm 
 AA132 GE-D 110V 50mA <1.3V 
AA133 GE-D 130V 50mA <1.3V 
 AA134 GE-D 70V 50mA <1.3V 
AA137 GE-D 40V 20mA dem n-Ohm 
 AA139 GE-D 25V 20mA dem n-Ohm 
AA143 GE-D 30V 60mA/0.2Ap 80mW 
 AA144 GE-D 100V 45mA/0.15Ap 80m 
AAZ17 GE-D 75V 0.14A/0.25Ap <35 
 AAZ18 GE-D 20V 0.13A/0.3Ap <70n 
BA100 SI-D 60V 90mA 
 BA127D SI-D 60V 0.2A 
BA128 SI-D 75V 0.11A 
 BA145 SI-D 350V 0.3A 
BA147/.. SI-D 25..300V 0.15A 
 BA148 SI-D 350V 0.3A 
BA155 SI-D 150V 0.1A 
 BA157 SI-D 400V 0.4A 300ns 
BA158 SI-D 600V 0.4A 300ns 
 BA159 SI-D 1000V 0.4A 300ns 
BA182 C-D 35V 0.8-2.1pF VHF 
 BA204 SI-D 60V 0.2A <10ns 
BA220 SI-D 10V 0.2A/0.4Ap 4ns 
 BA243 C-D 20V 1-3pF 1R 0.1A 
BA243G C-D 20V 1-3PF 1R 0.1A 
 BA244 C-D 35V 1-3pF 0R5 0.1A 
BA282 C-D 35V 0.9-2pF 0R7 0.1A 
 BA283 C-D 35V 0.9-2pF 1R2 0.1A 
BA316 SI-D 10V 0.1A/0.2Ap 4ns 
 BA317 SI-D 30V 0.1A/0.2Ap 4ns 
BA318 SI-D 50V 0.1A/0.2Ap 4ns 
 BA479 SI-D 30V 50mA 100MHz 
BA481 SI-D-S 4V 30mA 13R 1.1pF 
 BA482 C-D 35V 0.1A 0.7R 1.2PF 
BA682 C-D 35V 0.9-2pF 0R7 0.1A 
 BAR10 SI-D-S 20V 35mA/100mAp 
BAR43S 2xSI-D-S 30V 0.1A/0.75Ap (5N)
 BAS11 SI-D 300V 0.3A/4Ap 1us 
BAS16 SI-D 75V 0.25A 6ns (A6) 
 BAS19 SI-D 120V 0.2A <50ns 
BAS20 SI-D 200V 0.2A <50ns 
 BAS21 SI-D 250V 0.2A <50ns 
BAS32L SI-D 75V 0.2A <4ns 
 BAS33 SI-D 30V 0.2A 
BAT17 SI-D-S 4V 30mA 15R 1pF 
 BAT41 SI-D-S 100V 0.1A 
BAT42 SI-D-S 30V 0.2A <5ns 
 BAT43 SI-D-S 30V 0.2A <5ns 
BAT46 SI-D-S 100V 0.15A 
 BAT47 SI-D-S 20V 0.35A 10ns 
BAT48 SI-D-S 40V 0.35A 10ns 
 BAT49 SI-D-S 80V 0.5A
BAT54A 2xSI-D-S 30V 0.2A 
 BAT82 SI-D-S 50V 30mA <1ns 
BAT83 SI-D-S 60V 3mA <1ns 
 BAT85 SI-D-S 30V 0.2A 10pF 
BAT86 SI-D-S 50V 0.2A 8pF 
 BAV10 SI-D 60V 0.3A/0.6Ap 6ns 
BAV100 SI-D 60V 0.25A <50ns 
 BAV101 SI-D 120V 0.25A <50ns 
BAV102 SI-D 200V 0.25A <50ns 
 BAV103 SI-D 250V 0.2A 5pF 50ns 
BAV17 SI-D 25V 0.2A/.05Ap 50ns 
 BAV18 SI-D 60V 0.2A/.05Ap 50ns 
BAV19 SI-D 120V 0.2A/.05Ap 50ns 
 BAV20 SI-D 200V 0.2A/.05Ap 50ns 
BAV21 SI-D 250V 0.2A/0.5Ap 50ns 
 BAV23 2xSI-D 250V 0.2A <50nS 
BAV70 2xSI-D 70V 0.2A 6ns (A4) 
 BAV99 2xSI-D 70V 0.2A 6ns (A7) 
BAW24 SI-D 50V 0.6A <6ns 
 BAW25 SI-D 50V 0.6A <6ns 
BAW26 SI-D 75V 0.6A <6ns 
 BAW27 SI-D 75V 0.6A <6ns 
BAW56 2xSI-D 70V 0.2A 6ns (A1) 
 BAW62 SI-D 75V 0.2A/0.45Ap 4ns 
BAW75 SI-D 35V 0.15A/2Ap 2ns 
 BAW76 SI-D 75V 0.15A/2Ap 2ns 
BAX12 SI-D 90V 0.4A/0.8Ap 50ns 
 BAX13 SI-D 50V 0.15A 0.5W 4ns 
BAX14 SI-D 40V 0.5A <30ns 
 BAX16 SI-D 150V 0.2A <120ns 
BAX17 SI-D 200V 0.2A <120ns 
 BAX18 SI-D 75V 0.4A/2Ap 
BAY21 SI-D 350V 0.25A 1us 
 BAY46 SI-D 300V 0.225A <15us 
BB103 C-D 30V 11.3-30pF 
 BB104 2xC-D FM-tuning
BB105B C-D 30V 2-18pF 0R8 UHF 
 BB105G C-D 30V 1.8-18pF 1R2 UHF 
BB106 C-D 30V 4-20pF 0R4 VHF 
 BB109G C-D 30V 4.3-32pF 0R5 VHF 
BB112 C-D 12V 17-560pF AM tuning 
 BB119 C-D 10V 15.3-19pF 1E5 
BB121A C-D 30V 1.9-18pF 0.6R 
 BB122 C-D VHF/VHF-tuning 
BB139 C-D 30V 4.3-29pF 0.5R 
 BB142 C-D 30V 12pF FM/VHF 
BB204B 2xC-D FM-tuning 
 BB204G 2xC-D 30V 14-39pF 0R4 GRE 
BB205B C-D 30V 11pF 
 BB205G C-D 30V 1.8-17pF 1R2 UHF 
BB207 C-D tuning DIODE 
 BB209 C-D 30V 2.6-31pF 0R85 
BB212 2xC-D AM-tuning 
 BB221 C-D 28V 1.8-17pF 0R6 470M 
BB222 C-D VHF/VHF-tuning 
 BB304G C-D 2V 1.7-46pF GREEN 
BB329 C-D VHF-tuning 
 BB405B C-D 30V 1.8-18pF 0.75R 
BB405G C-D VHF-tuning 
 BB409 C-D 28V 5-32pF 0.4R VHF 
BB505B C-D VHF-tuning 
 BB505G C-D VHF-tuning 
BB529 C-D 28V 2.5-12PF 0R85 300 
 BB804 2xC-D 18V 42-46.5pF 0.2E 
BB809 C-D 28V 4-46pF VHF-tuning 
 BB811 C-D SAT TV-tuning 2GHz 
BY126 SI-D 650V 1A 
 BY127 SI-D 1250V 1A 
BY133 SI-D 1300V 1A/50Ap 
 BY134 SI-D 600V 1A/50Ap 
BY135 SI-D 200V 1A/50Ap 
 BY157/..A SI-D 200..1000V 0.3A <300ns 
BY157/..B SI-D 200..1000V 0.4A <300ns 
 BY157/..C SI-D 200..1000V 0.6A <300ns 
BY176 SI-D 15KV 2.5mA 
 BY184 SI-D 1500/1800V 5mA 
BY187 SI-D 10KV 2.5mA 250ns 
 BY188A SI-D 50V 1.2A 
BY188B SI-D 50V 1.2A 
 BY196 SI-D 100V 1.2A <500ns 
BY197 SI-D 200V 1.2A <500ns 
 BY198 SI-D 400V 1.2A <500ns 
BY199 SI-D 800V 1.2A <500ns 
 BY200 SI-D 1200V 1.2A <500ns 
BY201/2../6 SI-D 250..650V 1A/30Ap 200ns 
 BY203/12../25 SI-D 1.2..2.5kV 0.25A 300ns 
BY205/.. SI-D 100..1000V 3A <850ns 
 BY206 SI-D 350V 0.4A <300ns 
BY207 SI-D 600V 0.4A <300ns 
 BY208/.. SI-D 600..1000V 0.75A <350ns 
BY209 SI-D 12.5KV 2.5mA 
 BY210/.. SI-D 400..800V 1A 
BY214/.. SI-D 50..1000V 6A/400Ap 
 BY218/.. SI-D 100..800V 2A <200ns 
BY223 SI-D TV-DAMPER 1500V 5A 
 BY226 SI-D 650V 1.5A 
BY227B SI-D 1250V 1.5A 
 BY228/.. SI-D 1000..1500V 3A/50Ap 20us 
BY229 GO TO: BY229/800-MBR 
 BY229/.. SI-D 200..1000V 7A/60Ap 150ns 
BY229F/.. SI-D =BY229 ISO 
 BY239/200 SI-D 200..1250V 10A 
BY249/.. SI-D 300..600V 6.5A/60Ap 
 BY251 SI-D 200V 3A/100Ap 
BY252 SI-D 400V 3A/100Ap 
 BY253 SI-D 600V 3A/100Ap 
BY254 SI-D 800V 3A/100Ap 
 BY255 SI-D 1300V 3A/100Ap 
BY268 SI-D 1400V 0.8A <500ns 
 BY269 SI-D 1600V 0.8A <500ns 
BY288/.. SI-D 150..1000V 0.32A 300ns 
 BY289/.. SI-D 150..1000V 0.52A 300ns 
BY290/.. SI-D 150..600V 150ns 
 BY291/.. SI-D 75..300V 1.1A 150ns 
BY292/.. SI-D 75..300V 1.3A 150ns 
 BY293/.. SI-D 75..300V 3A 150ns 
BY294/.. SI-D 75..600V 2.5A 150ns 
 BY295/.. SI-D 150..600V 1.05A 150ns 
BY296 SI-D 200V 2A <500ns 
 BY297 SI-D 300V 2A <500ns 
BY298 SI-D 400V 2A/70Ap 150ns 
 BY299 SI-D 800V 2A/70Ap 500ns 
BY328 SI-D 1400V 3A <500ns 
 BY329/.. SI-D 800..1200V 7A/80Ap 150ns 
BY359/.. SI-D 1000..1500V 6.5A/60Ap 600
 BY359F/.. SI-D =BY359 ISO
BY396 SI-D 100V 3A <500ns 
 BY397 SI-D 200V 3A <500ns 
BY398 SI-D 400V 3A/200Ap 500ns 
 BY399 SI-D 800V 3A/100Ap 500ns 
BY406 SI-D 350V 0.8A <300ns 
 BY409 SI-D 12.5KV 2.5mA 
BY438 SI-D TV-DAMPER 1200V 5A 
 BY448 SI-D 1500V 2A/30Ap 20us 
BY458 SI-D 1200V 2A/30Ap 20us 
 BY459/1500 SI-D 1500V 10A 600ns 
BY476 SI-D 18KV 2.5mA 
 BY477 SI-D 23KV 2mA 
BY478 SI-D 27.5KV 2mA 
 BY500/.. SI-D 100..800V 5A/200Ap 200ns 
BY509 SI-D 12.5KV 4mA 
 BY510 SI-D 17KV 4mA 
BY520-10..-20 SI-D 100..800V 5A <200ns 
 BY527 SI-D 1250V 0.8A
BY530-.. SI-D 50..1000V 3A 
 BY550-.. SI-D 50..800V 5A 
BY584 SI-D 1800V 85mA 200ns 
 BY588 SI-D basis-emitter 25V 1.5A 
BY627 SI-D 1250V 2A 
 BY707 SI-D 10KV 4mA 200ns 
BY708 SI-D 12KV 4mA 200ns 
 BY709 SI-D 14KV 4mA 200ns 
BY710 SI-D 17KV 3mA 200ns 
 BY711 SI-D 19KV 3mA 200ns 
BY712 SI-D 22KV 3mA 200ns 
 BY713 SI-D 24KV 3mA 200ns 
BY714 SI-D 30KV 3mA 200ns 
 BY8420 SI-D 24KV 3mA 200nS 
BYD11D..M SI-D 200..1000V 0.58A 
 BYD13D..M SI-D 200..1000V 1.4A 
BYD14D..M SI-D 200..1000V 2A 2.5us 
 BYD17D..M SI-D 200..1000V 2A 2.5us 
BYD31D..M SI-D 200..1000V 0.4A <300ns 
 BYD33D..M SI-D 200..1000V 1.3A <300ns 
BYD34D..M SI-D 200..1000V 1.8A <300ns 
 BYD37D..M SI-D 200..1000V 1.3A <300ns 
BYD57D..M SI-D 200..1000V 1A 
 BYD71A..G SI-D 50..400V 0.5A <50ns 
BYD73A..G SI-D 50..400V 1.75A <50ns 
 BYD74A..G SI-D 50..400V 2A <50ns 
BYD77A..G SI-D 50..400V 1.75A <50ns 
 BYM26A..E SI-D 200..1000V 2.3A <75ns 
BYR29/.. SI-D 500..800V 7.8A/60Ap 75ns 
 BYR29F/.. SI-D =BYR29/.. ISO 
BYS16-.. SI-D-S 20..40V 15A 
 BYS21-.. SI-D-S 45..90V 1A 
BYS22-.. SI-D-S 45..90V 2A 
 BYS24-.. 2xSI-D-S 45..90V 2.5A 
BYS25-.. SI-D-S 20..40V 25A 
 BYS26-.. SI-D-S 45..90V 3A 
BYS27-45 SI-D-S 45V 5A/120AP 
 BYS28-.. 2xSI-D-S 45..90V 2.15A 
BYT01-.. SI-D 200..400V 1A <50ns 
 BYT03-.. SI-D 200..400V 3A/60Ap <50ns 
BYT08-.. SI-D 200..400V 8A/130Ap 35ns 
 BYT08P-..A SI-D 200..1000V 8A/130Ap 65ns 
BYT11-.. SI-D 600..1000V 1A/35Ap 100ns 
 BYT13-.. SI-D 600..1000V 3A <150ns 
BYT30P-.. SI-D 200..1000V 30A <70ns 
 BYT51A..M SI-D 50..1000V 1.5A/20Ap <4us 
BYT52A..M SI-D 50..1000V 1.4A/20Ap <200n
 BYT53A..G SI-D 50..400V 1.5A <50ns 
BYT54A..M SI-D 50..1000V 1.25A <100ns 
 BYT56A..M SI-D 50..1000V 3A <100ns 
BYT60-..M SI-D 200..1000V 60A <70ns 
 BYT71-.. SI-D 100..800V 6A <300ns 
BYT71F-.. SI-D 100..800V 6A <300ns ISO 
 BYT77 SI-D 800V 3A <300ns 
BYT78 SI-D 1000V 3A <300ns 
 BYT79-.. SI-D 300..500V 10A <50ns 
BYV10-..(A) SI-D-S 20..60V 1A/25Ap 30ns 
 BYV12 SI-D 100V 1.5A 300ns 
BYV13 SI-D 400V 1.5A 300ns 
 BYV133-.. 2xSI-D-S 35..45V 18A/200Ap 
BYV14 SI-D 600V 1.5A 300ns 
 BYV15 SI-D 800V 1.5A 300ns 
BYV16 SI-D 1000V 1.5A 300ns 
 BYV18/.. SI-D-S 30..45V 8.8A 
BYV19/.. SI-D-S 30..45V 9A 
 BYV20/.. SI-D-S 30..45V 12.5A 
BYV21/.. SI-D-S 30..45V 27A 
 BYV22/.. SI-D-S 30..45V 50A 
BYV23/.. SI-D-S 30..45V 70A 
 BYV26A..E SI-D 200..1000V 1A/30Ap <75ns 
BYV27/.. SI-D 50..200V 2A/50Ap <50ns 
 BYV28/.. SI-D 50..200V 3.5A/50Ap <50ns 
BYV29/.. SI-D 300..500V 7.4A <50ns 
 BYV29F/.. SI-D 300..500V 7.4A <50ns 
BYV32/.. 2xSI-D 50..200V 18A/230Ap 25ns
 BYV33/.. 2xSI-D-S 30..45V 18A 
BYV36A..E SI-D 200..1000V 1.6A 30Ap 150n
 BYV42/.. 2xSI-D 50..200V 30A <25ns 
BYV72/.. SI-D 50..200V 30A/160Ap 28ns 
 BYV79/.. SI-D 50..200V 12A/420Ap <35ns 
BYV95A..C SI-D 200..600V 1.5A/35Ap 250ns
 BYV96D..E SI-D 800..1000V 1.5A/35Ap 300n
BYW100/.. SI-D 50..200V 1.5A <35ns 
 BYW14/.. SI-D 100..800V 3A <750ns 
BYW15/.. SI-D 100..800V 3A <500ns 
 BYW16/.. SI-D 100..800V 3A <200ns 
BYW178 SI-D 800V 3A <60ns 
 BYW19/.. SI-D 800..1000V 7A <450ns 
BYW27/.. SI-D 50..1000V 1A 
 BYW29/.. SI-D 50..200V 7.6A/ <25ns 
BYW29/100 GO TO: BYW29/200-MBR 
 BYW29/150 GO TO: BYW29/200-MBR 
BYW29F/.. SI-D 50..200V 7.6A/ <25ns ISO 
 BYW32 SI-D 200V 2A <200ns 
BYW33 SI-D 300V 2A <200ns 
 BYW34 SI-D 400V 2A <200ns 
BYW35 SI-D 500V 2A <200ns 
 BYW36 SI-D 600V 2A <200ns 
BYW37 SI-D 50V 1A 
 BYW38 SI-D 100V 1A 
BYW39 SI-D 200V 1A 
 BYW40 SI-D 400V 1A 
BYW41 SI-D 600V 1A 
 BYW42 SI-D 800V 1A 
BYW43 SI-D 1000V 1A 
 BYW52 SI-D 200V 2A <4us 
BYW53 SI-D 400V 2A <4us 
 BYW54 SI-D 600V 2A <4us 
BYW55 SI-D 800V 2A <4us 
 BYW56 SI-D 1000V 2A <4us 
BYW58/.. SI-D 50..600V 1A <200ns 
 BYW59/.. SI-D 50..600V 3A <200ns 
BYW72 SI-D 200V 3A/60Ap 200ns 
 BYW73 SI-D 300V 3A/60Ap 200ns 
BYW74 SI-D 400V 3A/60Ap 200ns 
 BYW75 SI-D 500V 3A/60Ap 200ns 
BYW76 SI-D 600V 3A/60Ap 200ns 
 BYW80-.. SI-D 50..200V 10A <35ns 
BYW80F-.. SI-D 50..200V 10A <35ns ISO 
 BYW95A..C SI-D 200..600V 3A/70Ap 250ns 
BYW96D..E SI-D 800..1000V 3A/70Ap 300ns 
 BYW98/.. SI-D 50..200V 3A/70Ap <50ns 
BYW98/100 GO TO: BYW98/200-ST 
 BYW98/150 GO TO: BYW98/200-ST 
BYW99/.. 2xSI-D 50..200V 15A <50ns 
 BYX10 SI-D 800V 360mA/15Ap 
BYX13/.. SI-D 400..1600V 20A 
 BYX38/.. SI-D 300..1200V 6A 
BYX42/.. SI-D 300..1200V 10A 
 BYX48/.. SI-D 300..1200V 6A 
BYX49/.. SI-D 300..1200V 6A 
 BYX55/.. SI-D 350..600V 1.2A 750ns 
BYX55/350 GO TO: BYX55/600-DIO 
 BYX61/.. SI-D 50..400V 12A <100ns 
BYX71/.. SI-D 350..600V 7A <450ns 
 BYX72/.. SI-D 150..500V 10A 
BYX96/.. SI-D 300..1600V 30A 
 BYX97/.. SI-D 300..1600V 40A 
BYX98/.. SI-D 300..1200V 10A 
 BYX99/.. SI-D 300..1200V 15A 
BYY31 SI-D 150V 1A 
 BYY32 SI-D 300V 1A 
BYY33 SI-D 450V 1A 
 BYY34 SI-D 600V 1A 
BYY35 SI-D 750V 1A 
 BYY36 SI-D 900V 1A 
BYY37 SI-D 1050V 1A 
 BYZ10 SI-D 1200V 6A 
BYZ11 SI-D 900V 6A 
 BYZ12 SI-D 600V 6A 
BYZ13 SI-D 300V 6A 
 EM502 SI-D =1N4003 
EM504 SI-D =1N4004 
 EM506 SI-D =1N4005 
EM508 SI-D =1N4006 
 EM510 SI-D =1N4007 
EM513 SI-D 1300V 1A/50Ap 
 EM516 SI-D 1800V 1A/50Ap 
ERD29/06 SI-D 600V 2.5A/70Ap 0.4us 
 ERD29/08 SI-D 800V 2.5A/70Ap 0.4us 
ES1F SI-D 1500V 0.5A/20Ap 1.5u 
 ESM765/200 SI-D 200V 10A 300ns 
FE16A..J 2xSI-D 50..600V 16A <35ns 
 FE30A..J 2xSI-D 50..600V 30A <35..50ns 
FE8A..J SI-D 50..600V 8A <35ns 
 FR157 SI-D 1000V 1.5A/60Ap 500n 
FR207 SI-D 1000V 2A/70Ap 500ns 
 FR307 SI-D 1000V 3A/200Ap 500ns 
FR604 SI-D 400V 6A/300Ap 150ns 
 FR605 SI-D 600V 6A/300Ap 250ns 
FR607 SI-D 1000V 6A/300Ap 500ns 
 GA5005 SI-D 6000V 0.2A
GP08A..J SI-D 50..600V 0.8A 
 GP10A..M SI-D 50..1000V 1A 
GP10N..Y SI-D 1100..1600V 1A 
 GP15A..M SI-D 50..1000V 1.5A 
GP20A..M SI-D 50..1000V 2A 
 GP30A..M SI-D 50..1000V 3A 
GP80A..M SI-D 50..1000V 8A 
 GPP10A..M SI-D 50..1000V 1A 
GPP15A..M SI-D 50..1000V 1.5A 
 GPP20A..M SI-D 50..1000V 2A 
GPP30A..M SI-D 50..1000V 3A 
 GPP60A..M SI-D 50..1000V 6A 
GSA15B..G SI-D 100..600V 1.5A 
 GSA17B..E SI-D 100..400V 1.7A 
GSA26B..E SI-D 100..400V 2.6A 
 GSA30B..J SI-D 100..800V 3A 
LL4148 SI-D 75V 0.15A 0.5W 4ns 
 MA178 SI-D 40V 0.2A <20ns 
MA185 SI-D 250V 0.2A 
 MBR030 SI-D-S 30V 0.5A
MBR040 SI-D-S 40V 0.5A 
 MBR1020 SI-D-S 20V 10A/150Ap 
MBR1035 SI-D-S 35V 10A/150Ap 
 MBR1045 SI-D-S 45V 10A/150Ap 
MBR1060 SI-D-S 60V 10A/150Ap 
 MBR1070 SI-D-S 70V 10A/150Ap 
MBR1080 SI-D-S 80V 10A/150Ap 
 MBR1090 SI-D-S 90V 10A/150Ap 
MBR150 SI-D-S 50V 1A 
 MBR1520 SI-D-S 20V 15A/150Ap 
MBR1530 SI-D-S 30V 15A/150Ap 
 MBR1535 SI-D-S 35V 15A/150Ap 
MBR1535CT 2xSI-D-S 35V 15A/150Ap 
 MBR1540 SI-D-S 40V 15A/150Ap 
MBR1545CT 2xSI-D-S 45V 15A/150Ap 
 MBR160 SI-D-S 60V 1A 
MBR1635 SI-D-S 35V 16A/150Ap 
 MBR1645 SI-D-S 45V 16A/150Ap 
MBR2035 SI-D-S 35V 20A 
 MBR2035CT 2xSI-D-S 35V 20A 
MBR2045 SI-D-S 45V 20A 
 MBR2045CT 2xSI-D-S 45V 20A 
MBR2060CT 2xSI-D-S 60V 10A 
 MBR2070CT 2xSI-D-S 70V 10A 
MBR2080CT 2xSI-D-S 80V 10A 
 MBR2090CT 2xSI-D-S 90V 10A 
MBR2520 SI-D-S 20V 25A 
 MBR2520CT 2xSI-D-S 20V 25A 
MBR2530 SI-D-S 30V 25A 
 MBR2530CT 2xSI-D-S 30V 25A 
MBR2535 SI-D-S 35V 25A 
 MBR2535CT 2xSI-D-S 35V 25A 
MBR3020CT 2xSI-D-S 20V 30A 
 MBR3020PT 2xSI-D-S 20V 30A/100Ap 
MBR3035CT 2xSI-D-S 35V 30A 
 MBR3035PT 2xSI-D-S 35V 30A/100Ap 
MBR3045CT 2xSI-D-S 45V 30A 
 MBR3045PT 2xSI-D-S 45V 30A/100Ap 
MBR4045PT SI-D-S 45V 40A 
 MBR735 SI-D-S 35V 7.5A/150Ap 
MBR745 SI-D-S 45V 7.5A/150Ap 
 MBR750 SI-D-S 50V 7.5A/150Ap 
MBR760 SI-D-S 60V 7.5A/150Ap 
 MR500 SI-D 50V 3A 
MR501 SI-D 100V 3A 
 MR502 SI-D 200V 3A 
MR504 SI-D 400V 3A 
 MR506 SI-D 600V 3A 
MR508 SI-D 800V 3A 
 MR510 SI-D 1000V 3A 
MR750 SI-D 50V 6A/400Ap 
 MR751 SI-D 100V 6A/400Ap 
MR752 SI-D 200V 6A/400Ap 
 MR754 SI-D 400V 6A/400Ap 
MR756 SI-D 600V 6A/400Ap 
 MR758 SI-D 800V 6A/400Ap 
MR760 SI-D 1000V 6A/400Ap 
 MR820 SI-D 50V 5A <200ns 
MR821 SI-D 100V 5A <200ns 
 MR822 SI-D 200V 5A <200ns 
MR824 SI-D 400V 5A <200ns 
 MR826 SI-D 600V 5A/300Ap 300ns 
MR828 SI-D 800V 5A/300Ap 300ns 
 MR830 SI-D 50V 3A <200ns 
MR831 SI-D 100V 3A <200ns 
 MR832 SI-D 200V 3A <200ns 
MR834 SI-D 400V 3A <200ns 
 MR836 SI-D 600V 3A <200ns 
MR840..46 SI-D =MR830..36 <1us 
 MR850 SI-D 50V 3A <200ns 
MR851 SI-D 100V 3A <200ns 
 MR852 SI-D 200V 3A <200ns 
MR854 SI-D 400V 3A <200ns 
 MR856 SI-D 600V 3A <200ns 
MR880 SI-D 50V 12A <1us 
 MR880 SI-D 200V 12A <1us 
MR881 SI-D 100V 12A <1us 
 MR882 SI-D 200V 12A <1us 
MR884 SI-D 400V 12A <1us 
 MR886 SI-D 600V 12A <1us 
MR910 SI-D 50V 3A <750ns 
 MR911 SI-D 100V 3A <750ns 
MR912 SI-D 200V 3A <750ns 
 MR914 SI-D 400V 3A <750ns 
MR916 SI-D 600V 3A <750ns 
 MUR105..1100 SI-D 50..1000V 1A/35Ap 75ns 
MUR1505..1560 SI-D 50..600V 15A <60ns 
 MUR405..4100 SI-D 50..1000V 4A/35Ap 75ns 
MUR605CT 2xSI-D 50V 3A <35ns 
 MUR610CT 2xSI-D 100V 3A <35ns 
MUR620CT 2xSI-D 200V 3A <35ns 
 MUR805..8100 SI-D 50..1000V 8A <25..75ns 
MURD305..320 SI-D 50..200V 3A <35ns 
 MURD605CT 2xSI-D 50V 3A <35ns 
MURD610CT 2xSI-D 100V 3A <35ns 
 MURD620CT 2xSI-D 200V 3A <35ns 
MV102 VHF-tuning 
 MV103 VHF-tuning 
MV104 VHF-tuning 
 OA200 SI-D 50V 0.16A 3.5us 
OA202 SI-D 150V 0.16A 3.5us 
 OA210 SI-D 400V 0.5A 
OA211 SI-D 800V 0.5A 
 OA47 GE-D 25V 110mA <70ns 
OA90 GE-D 20V 8mA/45mAp <3.2V 
 OA91 GE-D 115V 50MA/0.15AP <3V 
OA95 GE-D 115V 50mA/0.15Ap <2V 
 P300A..M SI-D 50..1000V 5A 5us 
P600A..M SI-D 50..1000V 6A/400Ap 
 PBYR1040 SI-D-S 40V 10A/125Ap 
PBYR3040WT SI-D-S 40V 30A/300Ap 
 R2KN SI-D 140V 1A 
R2KY SI-D 160V 1A 
 RB100A SI-D-S 40V 1A 
RGP01-10..20 SI-D 1000..2000V 0.1A 300ns 
 RGP10A..M SI-D 50..1000V 1A <150..500ns 
RGP15A..M SI-D 50..1000V 1.5A <150..500n
 RGP30M SI-D 1000V 3A/125Ap 500ns 
SB1100 SI-D-S 100V 1A/25Ap 
 SB120 SI-D-S 20V 1A/25Ap 
SB130 SI-D-S 30V 1A/25Ap 
 SB140 SI-D-S 40V 1A/25Ap 
SB150 SI-D-S 50V 1A/25Ap 
 SB160 SI-D-S 60V 1A/25Ap 
SB180 SI-D-S 80V 1A/25Ap 
 SB190 SI-D-S 90V 1A/25Ap 
SB2100 SI-D-S 100V 2A 
 SB220 SI-D-S 20V 2A 
SB230 SI-D-S 30V 2A 
 SB240 SI-D-S 40V 2A 
SB250 SI-D-S 50V 2A 
 SB260 SI-D-S 60V 2A 
SB280 SI-D-S 80V 2A 
 SB290 SI-D-S 90V 2A 
SB3100 SI-D-S 100V 3A/100AP 
 SB320 SI-D-S 20V 3A/100Ap 
SB330 SI-D-S 30V 3A/100Ap 
 SB340 SI-D-S 40V 3A/100Ap 
SB350 SI-D-S 50V 3A/100Ap 
 SB360 SI-D-S 60V 3A/100Ap 
SB380 SI-D-S 80V 3A/100Ap 
 SB390 SI-D-S 90V 3A/100Ap 
SB5100 SI-D-S 100V 5A/85Ap 
 SB520 SI-D-S 20V 5A 
SB530 SI-D-S 30V 5A 
 SB540 SI-D-S 40V 5A 
SB550 SI-D-S 50V 5A/85Ap 
 SB560 SI-D-S 60V 5A/85Ap 
SB580 SI-D-S 80V 5A/85Ap 
 SB590 SI-D-S 90V 5A/85Ap 
SK3/16 SI-D 1600V 1.8A/180Ap 
 SK3GL04 SI-D 400V 3.8A/175Ap 300ns 
SKE4F1/01..10 SI-D 100..1000V 1.2A <400ns 
 SKE4F2/01..10 SI-D 100..1000V 2A <400ns 
SKS1/01..16 SI-D 120..1600V 1.4A 
 SLA1012 DIODE-ARRAY 120V 0.4A/2Ap 
SR5040 SI-D-S 40V 50A/400Ap 
 SR840 SI-D-S 40V 8A/90Ap 
SRP100A..K SI-D 50..800V 1A <100..200ns 
 SRP300A..K SI-D 50..800V 3A <100..200ns 
SRP600A..K SI-D 50..800V 6A <100..200ns 
 UF4001 SI-D 50V 1A/50Ap 50ns 
UF4002 SI-D 100V 1A/50Ap 50ns 
 UF4003 SI-D 200V 1A/50Ap 50ns 
UF4004 SI-D 400V 1A/50Ap 50ns 
 UF4005 SI-D 600V 1A/50Ap 50ns 
UF4006 SI-D 800V 1A/50Ap 50ns 
 UF4007 SI-D 1000V 1A/50Ap 75ns 
UF5401 SI-D 100V 3A/150Ap 50ns 
 UF5402 SI-D 200V 3A/150Ap 50ns 
UF5403 SI-D 300V 3A/150Ap 50ns 
 UF5404 SI-D 400V 3A/150Ap 50ns 
UF5406 SI-D 600V 3A/150Ap 50ns 
 UF5407 SI-D 800V 3A/150Ap 50ns 
UF5408 SI-D 1000V 3A/150Ap 75ns
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